Waze unveils its Transport SDK for third-party integration

Waze has announced a new Transport SDK that will allow partners to build-in features from Waze directly into their own apps. With the SDK, partners have access to Waze's crowd-sourced traffic data for more optimized routes, users of things like ride-sharing services, for instance, should see shorter wait times for rides.

Speaking of ride-sharing services, Lyft is one of the initial partners for the Transport SDK. In a blog post, the company detailed what Waze integration would bring the service:

  • Route Updating: On both iOS and Android, Lyft can now update a driver's route real-time in Waze. This means we can make more efficient Lyft Line matches by adding a passenger pickup while a driver is en route to their next stop. This shortens ride wait times, as well as Lyft Line detours, so everyone reaches their destinations faster.
  • 'Return to Lyft' Button for Drivers: When navigating with Waze, drivers will be able to press a "Return to Lyft" button that immediately resurfaces the Lyft app. It's now a simple, smooth transition to switch from Waze navigation back into Lyft to tap the "arrived" or "drop off" button during rides.
  • Default Navigation: We're always looking for ways to give drivers tools for success. Navigation is one of the most important factors for driver ratings. To help drivers keep their ratings high, Waze will now be the default navigation for all new drivers.

In addition to Lyft, the other launch partners for the Waze Transport SDK include Genesis Pulse, JustPark, Cornershop, Cabify and 99Taxis. Waze says that the SDKs will be open to all types of partners in any country where the navigation service has a presence.

Source: Waze, Lyft