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Ring Always Home Cam
Ring Always Home Cam (Image credit: Ring)

What you need to know

  • Announced today, the Ring Always Home Cam is a drone security camera that can fly around your house to check on multiple areas.
  • It joins the newest group of Amazon Day 1 Editions — and that means you'll need an invite to order one.
  • Past Day 1 Editions fill up their invite lists quickly, so if you have any desire to buy one, ask for an invitation right now at Amazon.

Camera drones have been a thing for years, and home security cameras have existed for decades. It was only a matter of time before this chocolate and peanut butter came together in a sweet, easy-to-use package, and today we got that delicious taste with the Ring Always Home Cam, which was teased a year ago and is finally ready to take flight. This drone system allows you to program custom flight paths for regular monitoring as well as use it to follow to where other cameras or Ring Alarm sensors have been triggered. This will let you see if someone actually broke into the house or if your dog brute somehow got the patio door open, again.

The Always Home Cam has a camera with 2K resolution that can let you see multiple perspectives on an alert or the activity inside your home, though the drone can only fly for minutes before needing to recharge. It also currently cannot fly between levels, so two-story homes would need one on each level.

That could get pricy as Amazon is charging $249 a piece for these drones — and you'll need Ring Protect on top of that for saving or sharing anything beyond the current live view from the camera. Of course, the Always Home Cam could save you money, too, by monitoring multiple areas inside your home — this first-gen model isn't made for outdoor use — and being able to see areas that are hard for stationary cameras to cover.

If this sounds like a good fit for your home, you'll want to head over to the Amazon listing for the Ring Always Home Cam and snag an invite right now before the list fill up.

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