Best answer: A Ring Protect Basic plan costs just $3 per month per device and provides you with 60 days of video history. The Protect Plus plan covers all of your Ring cameras for $10 per month and extends your warranty on each product.

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Breaking down Ring Protect plans

Ring's Video Doorbells and Security Cams work well on their own, but while you can receive motion alerts with a free Ring account, you won't be able to actually record and save those events without a paid subscription. To get the most out of your cameras, you'll want to consider a Ring Protect subscription.

If you only have a couple of Ring cameras, Ring Protect Basic offers plenty.

If you have fewer than four Ring cameras, you'll probably be best suited with the Ring Protect Basic plan, which costs $3 per month per device (or $30 per device with an annual purchase). With it, you'll be able to store 60 days of video history at a time, allowing you to save and share motion clips.

For households with several Ring cameras and/or a Ring Alarm, the Protect Plus plan may be a better option. It's pricier at $10 a month (or $100 annually), but it covers all Ring devices in a single home — if you use Ring products at more than one address, you'll need to pay for multiple plans.

Like the Basic plan, Ring Protect Plus gives you 60 days of video history, but it also extends the warranty on each of your Ring products for as long as you have a subscription. In addition, you get professional monitoring for Ring's Alarm security system and a 10% discount on all Ring products purchased directly from Ring's site.

Also important to note — there's no contract required with any Ring Protect or Ring Protect Plus plan, so you can switch back to a free account at any time.

Our pick

Ring Video Doorbell 2

A smart doorbell made better

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is easy to install, can run off of battery power or doorbell wiring, and supports useful features like two-way audio and live view. With a Ring Protect subscription, you gain 60 days of video history and can save or share your footage.

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