New Daydream VR title Untethered is a new take on the VR game, mixing in comic and radio elements to craft an episodic video game you talk your way through. Forgoing a lot of clumsy virtual controls, you navigate the game using your voice and a laser pointer.

Daydream View

The nostalgia factor is real here, as Untethered drops you inside a radio play and leaves you to figure out what your mystery caller is looking for and how everyone in our comic-tinted world is connected and motivated.

Future chapters promise to explore new locations and reveal new characters for you to puzzle out, but for now, the first chapter helps you get used to the radio station and start befriending your producer.

The Daydream VR exclusive game relies heavily upon Google-based speech recognition in order to decipher your voice and your game input, and is currently only available in English. If you have a thick accent or tend to stutter or slur your words (like me), then this game might not be for you.

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