Virgin Mobile USA increases data and drops prices on its Data Done Right plans

Virgin Mobile will soon offer new options for their Data Done Right Plans. Starting May 16, customers will be able to get more data, while some plans will also see their prices drop by as much as $5 per month, for both single and multi-line plans.

Virgin's cheapest single-line plan now starts at $30 per month, down from $35. It also now offers 300 talk minutes 3GB of 3G and 4G LTE data, up from 2.5GB. For $40 per month, you'll get the same amount of data, with unlimited minutes.

Each of Virgin's multi-line plans now offer another 2GB of high-speed data, and unlimited talk and text. For $65 per month, two lines will share 6GB of data, while adding a new line to a plan will cost $25 per line. For $90 per month, you can have three lines with 10GB of data, while for $115, four lines can share 14GB.

Virgin Mobile's Data Done Right plans are available exclusively through Walmart.

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Joseph Keller