Viewranger GPS for Android Wear makes sure you never get lost in the woods

Spending a few hours hiking, or biking through the woods can be a fun and relaxing way to get a great workout. Getting lost because you're bad with maps is not. For a while now we've seen fitness apps of various kinds make a name for themselves, but Viewranger GPS does it differently. Offering tracking stats on time and distance, fantastic maps, and detailed information on position, this is the app for anyone who enjoys spending a great deal of time outdoors.

Viewranger GPS for Android wear is a fantastic app rife with features that we haven't seen too much of. Most of your options, the settings, and all of your map options are available exclusively on your phone. While you can't edit anything from your smartwatch, you do still have access to plenty of information.

Viewranger GPS Screens

You have four basic screens, each of which you can get to by opening the app and swiping to the left. You can start, pause or stop a trip, which will trigger the app to open your phone and start tracking you. The fourth screen is labeled Details, and if you tap it, you'll get all the details of your current trip and location.

You start off on the Tracking screen. It gives you some elevation information, how far you've traveled during your trip, and how long your trip has taken. The Position screen includes your map coordinates, along with elevation information. The third screen in on the watch is Heading, and from it you can see wind conditions along with a compass. All together they form an invaluable tool for anyone who hates carrying a physical map around with them when they're on the go.

Viewranger GPS details

If you decide to give the route from your smartphone, you'll get access to one more feature available on Android Wear. The Navigation option gets it's own screen in details. It gives you a compass arrow that continuously points the way to your next waypoint. It also gives you a running countdown of how far you need to go to get to your next waypoint.

Viewranger GPS is definitely an app that keeps the outdoorsy set in mind. With access to maps, GPS coordinates, along with tracking and position info, it's a great addition to your arsenal. This app is a fantastic way that fitness and technology have continued to merge, letting you slim down when you hike or spend your day in the woods.

Jen Karner

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