Video Of Google's MWC Keynote: Flash, German Voice Search, Goggles OCR

At Google's Keynote last night, there was supposed to be a ban on photos or video of their discussion about how they love openness and transparency (ahem). We had some live coverage at our @androidcentral twitter account (you do follow us, right?), including the new little tidbit that there are 60,000 Android devices sold every day

Anyhow, CEO Eric Schmidt discussed how Google has a new philosophy called "Mobile First" to go along with its "Don't Be Evil" mantra. Basically Google believes that Mobile devices are the future and so they always will have a very early focus on mobile versions. 

To show off its expanding mobile platform, Google showed off three new upcoming features: Flash on Android, support for German in voice search, and text character recognition (and then translation) inside Google Goggles. bravely and justly bucked the photography ban and recorded the demos of all three. Catch our favorite - the OCR - above and the other two over at Emerce. Thanks, Erwin!

Dieter Bohn
  • Unfortunately the German Voice Search is not shown in this video. But you can see it at
  • This looks great, it would be even better if it could do it real time so that you wouldn't have to snap a picture first.