The next version of Android brings new features and design changes both subtle and controversial — while also giving us a hint of what's coming in the next generation of Pixel phones.

This is Android P — the next major release that'll eventually turn into pumpkin pie or popsicle or pancake or... whatever.

It's available as a Developer Preview now, and the finished version of Android 9.0 should land sometime in August if Google's timeline plays out. As usual with new Android versions, there's a mix of flashy new user-facing features and powerful under-the-hood changes for developers. And, as usual, be careful about reading too much into early preview builds of Android — as of mid-March there's five months of development time to go until Android P is fully baked.

Nevertheless, there's plenty to get stuck into in this early build of Android P. Check out our first impressions in the video above, and share your own thoughts on Android's future down in the comments.