Vertu Aster P seemingly announced out of nowhere for $5,000

There's a lot of discussion right now about more and more smartphones creeping towards the $1000 price point, but one company that's been soaring well beyond that is Vertu. Vertu's released a number of multi-thousand dollar Android phones in the past, and now the company's returning with the $5,000 Aster P.

While luxury phones from Vertu aren't anything new, this is the first new phone from the company since it reportedly closed up shop in July 2017 and cut around 200 employees.

So, what kind of phone are we getting with the Vertu Aster P? More or less what we've come to expect from past Vertu phones. The phone is handmade in England and features a titanium frame and display that's covered by a measly 133-carat sapphire crystal glass panel. You can outfit the back with a variety of materials, including the likes of crocodile and lizard leather.

Also similar to other Vertu phones is the red ruby button that contacts your own personal concierge. Pop open the winged-panel on the back and you'll find the SIM card slot and a signature of the person that actually crafted your phone.

You'd expect such a luxury phone to come with top-notch specs, but that's not the case. The AMOLED display measures in at just 4.9-inches, the Snapdragon 660 and 6GB of RAM power everything, and there's 128GB of onboard storage. You'll also find a 12MP rear camera and 20MP selfie camera.

The Vertu Aster P is only being sold in China and has a cool starting price of just $5,167. If you want to splurge for the model that's outfitted with gold, you'll see a modest increase to $14,146.

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Joe Maring

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