Verizon Wireless swaps CEOs, John Stratton now in charge

Big Red has a new chief, with John Stratton replacing Dan Mead as CEO of Verizon Wireless. Stratton comes from within Verizon, having previously served as the company's President of Global Enterprise and Consumer Wireline. Mead will stay with Verizon to oversee the sale of the company's wireline assets, and then plans to retire. Verizon Wireless is still a subsidiary of Verizon Communications, so Stratton will report to the parent company's CEO Lowell McAdam.

Mead held the role of Verizon Wireless CEO starting in 2010, making him the longest-tenured active CEO of the major carriers in the US. Outspoken T-Mobile CEO John Legere now takes that position, having taken leadership of his carrier in 2012.

Source: SEC; Via: FierceWireless

Derek Kessler

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