Verizon Wireless stocking up on Droid Pro promtional material

We know the release of the Motorola Droid Pro is just a couple weeks away, and it's no secret that Verizon Wireless is targeting the BlackBerry business class with this device.  The Droid Pro is sure to cause a stir for many, as one of the gripes many have about Android devices are their lack of front-facing keyboard.

To ensure every potential Droid Pro buyer leaves the store with substantial answers to their questions, Verizon Wireless has began sending out these promo materials to stores all over the country.  Their reps will need all the ammunition they can get, because the holiday season is coming up, and that means upgrade time for thousands, possibly millions of subscribers.

Watch out for the Droid Pro to hit store shelves on November 18th.  [via AndroidMixer]