Verizon Wireless CTO: Expect VoLTE "by the end of 2013"

Verizon Wireless held a briefing today here in San Diego as part of MobileCON's day one festivities, citing the inroads it has made with its extensive LTE network. According to VZW CTO Nicola Palmer, Verizon's LTE footprint currently covers 75-percent Americans, and is scheduled to duplicate the 3G footprint by the end of 2013. At the end of September 2012, 35-percent of all of Verizon's data traffic was over its LTE network.

Speaking on the future of LTE, Palmer said that Verizon will now focus on capacity, using an "entire toolbox of tools", including LTE Advanced and the carrier's recently-acquired AWS spectrum. "We are looking forward to [LTE Advanced] and we will likely pick and choose features when they become available." Palmer said that customers can expect AWS-compatible devices to hit the market sometime in 2013.

Also on the horizon for 2013 is the much-awaited arrival of Voice over LTE (VoLTE), which Palmer said she has tested personally. "Putting voice on our LTE network is something we are pretty excited about. We are testing it, we have deployed all necessary infrastructure." According to Palmer, VoLTE will arrive on Big Red by the end of 2013.

Anndrew Vacca
  • whats so great about voLTE?
  • I was about to say this same thing. Is it really necessary? Oh wait, Verizon is charging out the ass for data usage now. Makes sense they'd trumpet this as some great advancement only to have us rip through out data caps.
  • of course it is, they have to charge people more than they do now for data some how! lol
  • If they ever take away my unlimited once my contract is up, i'm going to sprint, they should have true lte in st.louis by then since they started it in KC. EFF Verizon and their sh@tty overpriced tiered data, 50 for 2 gb, I'd be paying well over $200 if i was on it.
  • stupid double post
  • First step towards losing the second radio you're running to handle voice calls and SMS. Other benefits aside, for Verizon and Sprint users VoLTE means a substantial boost in battery life.
  • sweet, Im on sprint and maybe by 2020 there will be LTE in my area... all the more reason to switch.
  • Sprint announced they start LTE in 2013, they already have it up in over 20 cities and towns, that's 6 months ahead of their initial announcement. I'd say that is a great sign. Plus people will leave in droves when their overages from verizon really affect them in their wallet. Tiered data is for suckers, at the prices vzw charges.
  • Jerry is correct! I can't wait for VoLTE. Battery will be substantially better. Your call quality will improve also. As far as using a lot of data. I beg to differ.
  • Would VoLTE actually mean more data usage? Or does it mean just mean using the LTE radio without spending more money. Also what is an AWS Phone do for us? How is that better?
  • no it does not mean more data usage. it means you will finally be able to do voice and data at sametime vs right now you cant. it drops you to cdma on a call and you cant look anything up while doing so.
  • I use voice and data at the same time all the time. I though you could as long as you had 4G, but when you drop down to 3G you can only do one or the other.
  • No that is not totally correct. In the past you couldn't do voice and data over 3G unless you had one wifi or two 4G. But with the new SVDO radio that the GS3 and EVO LTE have you can do voice and data over 3G at the same time. Technology gotta love it.
  • I am on Sprint network, I can making calls and serve the web. If that`s what they mean in VoLte.
  • I have Verizon. I surf and talk at the same time. Did it just tonight actually. Though I will say it is all on 4G and I am rarely in 3G coverage anymore given where I live and usually visit, hang out, work, etc.
  • You are using a dual antenna phone that is running the 1x signal for your call with one antenna while running the 3G/4G connection for data with the other antenna.
  • this also will eventually lead to HD Voice or whatever marketing term they want to call it.
  • kinda makes me glad I ditched Sprint..
  • huh weird i dont see svdo listed on the sIII just evdo which i though you could only do one at a time. good to know .
  • yup the S3 has it. Atleast the one on Verizon. Don't know about sprint.
  • How about just adding more towers so those of us in fringe areas can get "some" usable signal at all. I can drive half a mile and get a good 4G signal but in my house I can't even get one bar of 3G for more than a fleeting second or two. Once in a while I can get voice, but most of the time I'm doing good to get text to work. In a power outage I'm completely out of luck, no phone, no data, no nothing. Verizon please give those of us who pay dearly for your service a service that actually works before venturing off on new things!
  • What do you get for a signal standing outside your house?
  • I seldom chime in but this announcement does make me wonder how they will charge for this service. This is the same company that said consumers want to share data and don't want unlimited data. I'm sure we'll pay dearly. I'm currently contemplating ditching "The V" (Yes like the Aliens) for straight talk at the end of my contract. Heard I can use a Galaxy S III with there service.
  • I don't have enough lube for this...
  • +1 on the lube!
  • My galaxy s3 already does simultaneous voice and data not only on 4g but also on 3g....this may help the iPhone 5 though lol
  • Wait a this whole VoLTE thing gonna be coming out to all existing phones or just for new ones? Like will an OTA or something just shutdown the other radio?
  • Anyone can tell me how to post a speed test onlin! I didn`t see any option to post. Please let me know if anyone want to help.
  • VoLTE, like Jerry said, will bring greater battery life, because you're not operating two radios in the device anymore. As far as data usage, YES it will use packet data, but the catch to that, is that carriers / cell tower sites will more than likely have the ability to identify a voice call and not have it count towards data usage. Because of the VoLTE deployment, your voice call quality will probably be better. Think of it in the same sense as a music file. 128kbps sound quality vs. 320kbps. For those of you who are nerds, you'll understand that 320 sounds phenomenal vs. a 128kbps or 64kbps file. There will be a noticeable difference. Above all else though, you'll have 1 less radio in the phone, and the ability to use simultaneous voice and data. Some of you have this ability already with the 3G/EVDO handsets that have the capability to do a voice call over EVDO. This all comes down to how the phone's software handles it, really. If a phone has it "written in its DNA" to operate LTE while on a CDMA/EVDO call, then yes, you'll get simultaneous voice and data.
  • The only benefit to Volte is the increase in data usage from the users. In other words, it will pad the pockets of Verizons executives. Think about it. Most cell phones have been pushed into the 4g lte system. Its hard to find 3g phones anymore. Add that to the killing off of unlimited data plans and you have a recipe for massive profits. If voice and data are on the LTE network and you are limited to lets say 2gb of data usage, how will the carriers distinguish voice data from regular data? The potential to go over your cap is very great which results in overage charges and more profits. Add in the fact that apps are getting bigger and more data hungry, maps and gps use a ton of data, and music lovers are chosing the larger higher quality MP3 files, this is just what the carriers dreamed about. And as far as running simultaneous voice and data on the same radio, I dont agree. I currently have a phone that has that capability (Droid Razr) but Im pretty sure they use 2 different networks for the data and voice. The data is on the 4g/3g and the voice is on the cdma network. So adding more packet data in the form of voice calls to the 4g network, I can only see that as slowing down the network to a crawl.