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Verizon will reportedly reveal its Go90 mobile video streaming service this week

Verizon is said to be preparing to launch its over-the-top (OTT) video service, Go90, later this week. The service will be free with ad support, and will reportedly be available for mobile users even if they aren't Verizon customers. The service is apparently aimed squarely at the coveted 18-to-34-year-old demographic, who tend to watch video on their mobile devices first.

From The New York Times:

The content for Go90 will be a mix of live events, prime-time television and original web series. Rather than the inventory of entire networks, included are popular shows from Comedy Central, Food Network, ESPN, NFL Network and Discovery, as well as popular online series from AwesomenessTV, Vice, Tastemade and Machinima.

Go90 will apparently also include a number of social sharing options as well, encouraging viewers to share clips on Facebook, Twitter, and more. Verizon is also said to be mulling an expansion of the service onto televisions, though for now it will be confined to mobile devices.

Source: The New York Times

  • Hahahahahahahahaha. Oh wait. Hahahahahahahahaha. Posted via the Android Central App
  • We're Verizon. We don't care about industry standards and interoperability. We will make a shitty 2011 style app with our logo everywhere that plays popup ads about Verizon and injects ads into your web traffic, while forcing you to use this app if you want to talk to out users on the only advanced video communication platform we want you to use. --Powered by America's Largest 4G LTE Mobile Broadband Network in America. Verizon. We screw you because we can. Have an ad. Verizon's 4G LTE powered by Verizon brought to you in part by Verizon and Verizon Wireless. This ad paid for by Verizon wireless. Not really, they don't pay us.
  • The commercials will play flawlessly every 5 minutes, while the media videos will stagger and lag.
  • This would be one of the reasons I hesitate to go to Verizon. You can guarantee that this will be an unremovable app. The word bloat is kicked around too much but I guess it is fitting here Check out the new Nexus!, not a Rick roll
  • Ugh. Hope you're wrong about that. But, you're probably right, of course. Posted from my Nexus 6 via the Android Central App
  • Good thing I have my unlimited data on T-Mobile so I can use this service.
  • What do you bet AT&T takes their default stance on a new video chat protocol and bans it on most of their plans. And then charge users like $5 a month to access it. Sounds about right.
  • The only good thing about this app or service is it required someone to be employed to write it.
  • F@$k verizon and the ship it sailed in on. Google FIOS and NYC for starters. They renegged on agreements they had with the city and it involved taxpayers money. It's not new news. Let's not forget about how they've handled themselves in court with net neutrality and their stances on it. The only thing, I repeat, the only thing they have, and it's huge, is their got damn coverage. You'd be lying if u said they don't have that on lock. It's great. If it wasn't for that, we'd look at them the same way we look at sprint. I'm a proud Tmo customer, they're the only outta the big 4 that's taking a proactive approach while the other 3 are reactive. But this comment isn't about Tmo it's about the 100% distaste I have for verizon. I digress Posted via the Android Central App
  • Company looks out for their bottom line, film at 11. Listen I hear you. I even agree. But three things. 1. That is what the fcc is for, to keep them in line as much as possible. Believe me when I tell you they do not get the credit that is deserved. Verizon did screw NY royally. You got that one 2. Tmo will not sleep with you. Nor are they looking out for you. They are still working on surviving. Especially with their coverage area. They haven't progressed in the last year in my area one bit. The checks they are writing are going to have to be cashed soon. 3. Verizon has a great selection of phones so they have that going for them as well. Check out the new Nexus!, not a Rick roll
  • OK I'll give u they have great selection of phones. But first u gotta wait when they're done modifying them with their bloat ware and taking away functions of the phone. Every carrier does something, sure, but they're the worst Posted via the Android Central App
  • No argument. I get oems adding things, carriers not so much. That is certainly nothing but a money grab and should be treated like Microsoft and Dell were when they did it. Harshly. And as far as taking things away... I am with you there as well... Why get rid of Samsung pay? It does not cause an issue whatsoever with the network Check out the new Nexus!, not a Rick roll
  • I don't fit the bracket. I guess I am safe. Posted via the Android Central App
  • If this doesn't have free live NFL, who cares... No one will use it for TV shows they are already getting from Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, HBO/SHO/Epix, etc... Posted via the Android Central App
  • They will when they secretly lag all the other networks in favor of their own. With fines of only a few million dollars, Verizon doesn't care.
  • Lets see how far your 2 gigs of Data go on this service. Verizon will make a killing on this upselling date.
  • Hope this crashes and burns just like that other Verizon streaming service... what was it called? Case in point I suppose. I don't think anyone has issues with Verizon trying to make money, merely with their staunchly anti consumer approach to doing it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I want this!
    Said nobody. Ever.
  • Unless this streaming is free of data limitations, this is Fred in the water. EDIT: Dead in the water. Well, Fred too. Nobody likes that guy anyway. Posted via the Android Central App powered by Droid Turbo