Verizon Nexapoclypse continues: Galaxy Nexus and Rezound on Nov 10 still looking good

Is anyone tired of seeing the words "Galaxy Nexus on Verizon" yet?  I didn't think so.  We said it was coming.  We now know it's coming.  And here's even more reason to believe that it's coming November 10, just like we heard it would before. 

While things are always subject to change, the screen you see above should make more than a few happy.  Of course Verizon's still mum on an official date, but as of today, they still have stores and agents preparing for a Nov. 10 launch.  And for those more interested in some HTC hotness?  The HTC Rezound is still on that same Nov 10 track as well. 

That's 20 days and 3 hours (ET) for those keeping score at home.

Verizon Galaxy Nexus forums | HTC Rezound forums

Thanks, anon!

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  • yes, 1st
  • I dont believe its 25 days away
  • isnt it 20 ddays
  • Yup. Less than 3 weeks away. :)
  • than why in the article it says 25 days
  • 'Cause it was a typo :p
  • Yes, but the RAZR is listed as 10/27. That is just for pre-orders.
  • I am tired of galaxy nexus, nexus prime was sssooo much better
  • Can't wait, haven't been this excited in awhile
  • This date can't come soon enough.
  • It's also pretty interesting that a November 10th launch puts the Galaxy Nexus and Droid Razer almost 2 years to the day that the original Droid launched. There's alot of Droid owners that will have some great choices for an upgrade.
  • Most of us OG owners have been available for an upgrade for about 3 months now.. So we've been waiting for a worthy upgrade for a while.
  • Am I the only person that is more excited for the Vigor? The specs are beastly and far superior to the Nexus. Also, Sense > Touchwiz in every way. Not to mention the fact that it is Sense 3.5.
  • Nexus is AOSP no company overlay. No sense no toichwiz no blur
  • It doesn't have Touchwiz, it is vanilla ICS, and what specs are better on the Vigor?
  • Except the vigor has an older gpu. Numbers don't always make it better you may wanna go do a little research;) not to mention htc is shit with battery life and I'm sure the vigor will be no different.
  • Jerry you guys should just close down AC and start a "fortune teller" service. The haters would believe every word you say, and you'd probably be more respected than some journalist who just gets lucky a lot.
  • It only lists one Galaxy Nexus and not 16gb and 32gb versions though.
  • Sounds like a lot of you have Money.. And that 2yr Upgrade in your Pocket.. Just itchin to hand to Verizon.. I hope you are not "ShellShocked" In 75 days.. When CES unvails the Really New Sh*t for the 2012 Mobile World.. Like Quad-Core 2nd Gen Exynos Processors running @ 1,800 - 2,000 mhz and packing 1.5 gigs of Ram.. Eh.. I think that one is called the Samsung Galaxy SIII.... Better Wait! Just ask the Bionic Buyers that felt like you 45 days ago....
  • You're right. We should probably just never buy any phones since there will always be better ones later.
  • Ya bro, why stop there? Why not wait until GSX running 11ty GHz Examental 12 core with 48 TB RAM in 2024? There a lot of us that have been waiting for a Nexus phone on VZW. That wait should soon be over. Can't keep waiting for the "next big thing" or you'll wait forever. For some this is the big thing.
  • I think that should be "Excremental 12 core".
  • Well Said. I would love to be a fly on your wall when you open up the CES Webpage in 78 days... What you are seeing now is "Evolution" What you will see in 78 days is a "Revolutionary Jump" in Technology.. That's what shrinking the silicon will do for these new Processors.. But if this is your "Jump In" point God Bless You and I hope you enjoy your $586.41 (On contract with Tax, Dock, Car Charger, Case & Spare Battery..) Purchase.. I just can't see it for me and my 1,300 mhz Rooted, Rom'ed Droid Charge.. I already have The Screen, The 4G, The Unlimited Data Plan to enjoy Netflix and my Slingbox.. Why so many want to jump on the Verizon version of this phone with only 2 Gigs of data a month to play with at this price point is beyond me.. Unless you are going to pay that $99.00 a month for 5 gigs of data. A 1/2 hour of Netflix sucks up almost 500k....
  • there's always something new around the corner.. difference is those are running OEM UIs and though rooting solves that, I don't want to have to root my next phone.
  • You're a tool, everybody knows that Nexus phones are the holy grail of Android. It's not just about specs, it's about having a pure Google experience phone and getting updates straight from Google. Not to mention having the freedom of the carrier having no say in what goes down with the updates. This is the beauty of the Nexus, and NO phone will trump this device until the 4th Nexus comes out. Sorry bro, maybe one day you'll be able to afford one.
  • I very, VERY rarely make posts on AC; I normally just read the articles and get the response of others... ...but as an Android fan (and all-around tech fan), your post irks the hell out of me! "Sorry bro, maybe one day you'll be able to afford one." Responses like this are one of the many reasons why iPhreaks annoy me! So why must YOU go down that same path as an Android fan? I'm quite certain that the person your comment was aimed towards is more than capable of affording such a device, or ANY device, for that matter; who are you to assume that he/she can't? And how does that factor help your argument? Please (you and anyone else with the same mentality)...just stop.
  • Amen! This is the number one reason I will purchase this phone without any worries of a better phone coming out in Dec or Jan. I want updates straight from the source because I am tired of Verizon and HTC taking their sweet ole time to update my TB to 2.3!
  • Ok your comment " Sorry bro, maybe one day you'll be able to afford one." Makes no sense isn't the vigor and nexus both aimed 299? So how can he not afford one? I just hate when people try to bash someone else cause of there taste in phones. I personally don't want the nexus either I too prefer a HTC phone. HTC build quality outdoes Samsung. So sprint 2012 htc phone rooted and sense (long as its ice sense) or if npt jist CM9 and im a happy camper. And on top of that the no SD support also kills it for me. And its Sammy so I know the gps is going to suck like in the GS,NS,GS2,CHARGE (Compared to my evo4g and yes I use gps alot I travel alot and yes I've used the gps on all my dad owned a charge and now has a gs2 my ex had the gs before she jumped to sprint for the evo and data plan. And my roommate has a ns) . So please don't bash someone for their taste in phones.
  • However, another Nexus phone won't be out for at least a year... and that is all that really matters. Hell, given the quality and upgrades on previous Nexus phones, I'll easily keep this one for the full two years.
  • Plus this phone will still be second in line for an update once the new nexus comes out anyway.
  • Why worry about next year? People can get the phone they have been waiting for and use it now. If they want a quad-core that will be unveiled in a few months (but not for sale for about another year) then they can sell the current phone and buy at retail. Remember all of the problems with LTE and dual-cores? Those bugs have to be sorted out for the quads as well. Let people get the phone they want, even if it might be an original Moto Razr.
  • Those phones will be unveiled in 2 months which means we won't see them for 6-9 months from now. And at that point you might as well wait until one year from today for the announcement of the 2012 holiday phones. And really, at that point, you should just wait for the 2013 CES.
  • Ok dude we get it. I've read no less than 3 or 4 posts of yours saying the same thing. You're waiting. Message received. Move on.
  • I will buy that too :)
  • I can handle 3 weeks...
  • This seems to make it official:
  • Hope something pops up in a Best Buy system with the GSM version for the 10th :p
  • I like the way you think :)
  • $299 on contract is a bit much. Might as well pay a little more and not renew your contract.
  • There are plenty of places to shop that will offer the phone for less than 299. Just shop around and you will get a better deal!
  • The world will end on Nov 2012 anyways, so get your nexus now before it's too late! Lol
  • 299 is jacked up, but Verizon knows they can get away with it since it'll be LTE.
  • All of the LTE phones started at $299. The pricing goes right along with what Apple is doing, so can anybody really be surprised by this? You don't say something is better and then sell it cheaper.
  • Except the Samsung Stratosphere, which at $150 is a fantastic device. They really improved the software with Gingerbread, and the tweaks to Touchwiz over the original Epic 4G on sprint, and I can only imagine how much better it will get with ICS...
  • maybe Sprint will offer it for $199 with the LTE chip turned off "with LTE service to be available in mid 2012."
  • Funny part is I am not a verizon customer nor have I EVER had a stock android device. The time is now and I will have this device on Verizon for the very first time. This will be my first pure android device ever and now with Ice Cream Sandwich now there is no need for skins android has become something completely different. I have been a staunch htc supporter and have been well known for that in the past. Now I know I can move on to stock android and be fine because of ice cream sandwich. Manufacturers like htc/samsung/motorola/ all have there work set out for them to find a way to implement there skins good luck to all. I deserve this google pure android device. Plus i still have my evo 3d and will keep that on sprint regardless..
  • Richard - it appears now there is a good chance that Sprint will get the new Nexus soon (see the "poster" story link below). isn't it more efficient and doesn't it make more financial sense for you to get the Sprint Galaxy Nexus/Nexus Prime and alternate between that and your beloved EVO as desired vs. setting up a new line with Verizon and thus paying for redundant cell service?
  • Holy shit this is the most unbiased non-evo response I have ever heard from you yarrell. Funny you finally come to the carrier that you used to bash so hard. Congrats on switching to the greener grass=)
  • i can care less about this phone!! 1st its made by Samsung yuck 2nd it is an ugly phone!!! I so much prefer the Droid razr over this!!!! And the razr will get ICS as well, hands down a nicer and better looking phone!!!
  • You do realize that Samsung's Galaxy S line is pretty much the best phone you can get right now right? The Galaxy S 2 is the best option. And yep, the razr will get ICS of course with remnants of Motoblur on it. This phone will be pure android and you will be able to customize it however you want. I do however agree that for me personally the Razr looks a lot cooler.
  • not a big fan of the S2 display. poor resolution and poor whites! compared side my side to my old EVO i was shocked. compare two web pages - i could fit so much more of the same page on my EVO, pixels were tighter on EVO, and the S2 whites were dull and dreary. i hope this new Nexus is better.
  • I hope the 10th turns out to be right. When they say "later this year" I get sad. I might be a little too excited for this gadget.
  • I believe this was mentioned earlier in this thread but no one seemed to respond to it. Moto said at their event this week that pre orders would start for the Razr on October 27th with no instore date. If that is the model to go by then shouldn't we assume that the November 10th date for the Rezound and Nexus be just for pre orders with the in store date comming sometime later? Any thoughts?
  • i was thinking the same thing. but then i looked at the other dates, like the date for the Rhyme. It says the 29th, which is when it sold in stores. so that might be a mixup or an old screenshot. idk
  • Actually wait a minute.
    The Razr is only up for pre-order on the 27th. The date they have on that picture.
    So does that also mean that the Galaxy Nexus is not on sale on the 10 and maybe only for pre-order? EDIT: And then I see others have pointed this out.
  • Yes and it also says the xoom lte was out September 8th and it was really September 29th I beleieve.
  • There's only one problem with this phone, its not an pass.
  • HTC makes a great phone and has great support and i love my EVO 4G BUT i am willing to give Samsung a chance with a Nexus phone.
  • I agree about HTC and EVO, but I got a chance to play around with a few Samsung products (Nexus S 4G & Galaxy Tab 10.1) during my recent visit to a Sprint store (for replacement of my EVO, no less) and I have to say the Samsung products are very nice.
  • but?
  • My berfday is the 16th of Nov. Happy Galaxy Nexus Acquisition to me. :)
  • Most likely a Pre-order date, not the actual release date. Check out this link from android community...