Verizon keen on making major changes in January, it seems

It really doesn't seem that long ago, but with today's news that Verizon will be charging an extra $2 a month for some methods of bill payment starting Jan. 15, 2012, we got to thinking about some of the bigger changes we saw in 2011 -- and exactly 366 days before this latest move takes effect. To wit:

  • We broke the news nearly two weeks early that Verizon was going to change its upgrade policy so that you'd have to wait through 20 months of a two-year contract before being eligible for a hardware update -- seven months longer than was the previous policy.
  • And we also broke the news that return windows would shrink from 30 days to 14 days -- from a month to two weeks.

And both of those major changes came on Jan. 16. That's not really a great surprise -- start of the year and all. But does anyone want to do some doomcasting and predict what Verizon customers will lose come January 2012?

Phil Nickinson