Verizon HTC Merge

That's kind of the big question, isn't it. We're now six months removed from our exclusive hands-on with the Verizon-branded HTC Merge. And in that time, it's appeared all but left for dead, only two re-emerge on a couple of regional carriers -- Alltel and Cellular South.

But the big question remains, will we ever see it on Verizon?

Stories have been floating around this week of new "first press shots" of a Verizon-branded Merge.  We'd like to think they're new. But seeing as how Verizon was ramping up the Merge so long ago, that's pretty doubtful.

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And we'll throw into the mix that we've recently heard that even Verizon still hadn't made up its mind whether it is going to release the Merge.

Oh, but it gets even more complicated. Because on Verizon's website, in a section for free text alerts is pictured ... wait for it ... the Merge. That's it above.

So after all that, what do we know? Maybe it's coming, and maybe it's not. Hang in there, folks. [via rosser in the Android Central Forums]