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Is the Verizon HTC Merge happening? 'Cause it's on its website

That's kind of the big question, isn't it. We're now six months removed from our exclusive hands-on with the Verizon-branded HTC Merge. And in that time, it's appeared all but left for dead, only two re-emerge on a couple of regional carriers -- Alltel and Cellular South.

But the big question remains, will we ever see it on Verizon?

Stories have been floating around this week of new "first press shots" of a Verizon-branded Merge.  We'd like to think they're new. But seeing as how Verizon was ramping up the Merge so long ago, that's pretty doubtful.

And we'll throw into the mix that we've recently heard that even Verizon still hadn't made up its mind whether it is going to release the Merge.

Oh, but it gets even more complicated. Because on Verizon's website, in a section for free text alerts is pictured ... wait for it ... the Merge. That's it above.

So after all that, what do we know? Maybe it's coming, and maybe it's not. Hang in there, folks. [via rosser in the Android Central Forums]

  • I agree...hopefully before one year contracts expire...
  • one year contract change is on April 17th.. That's next week.. Bionic not coming out for a ocuple more months...
  • you really say that after motorola locking the boot loader?
  • The majority of overall consumers who will buy the Bionic don't even know what a bootloader IS, much less care that it is locked...and even some people who DO know don't care because they prefer Motorola phones over ones that feel cheaply made(Samsung), or have crappy battery life(HTC) even though they have unlocked bootloaders. All a locked bootloader means is you can't install a custom kernel, but there will still be root access, the ability to overclock/undervolt, & great ROMS like there are on all the other Motorola phones with locked bootloaders.
  • Yeah I don't mess with rooting and such.
  • What's the dude from Entourage doing there?
  • Ari got him to do the endorsement because he is between movies right now.
  • Yeah, The Merge will be a Premium Retailer exclusive to begin, just like the Devour, boy are we excited! We could get the iPhone until April 1st, but, hey! We get exclusivity on a low to mid-range Android!! That makes up for the lost sales!!
  • Would people be able to see Merge on the VZW website, or would they have to go to a store to see if it exists there, get pricing, etc?...
  • No word on pricing, we had a call late last week where we were told it would be in Premium Retailers first, I'm sure it'll be better featured on the site when they actually annouce it, but I don't have much other info just yet.
  • Interesting. What's the difference between premium retailers and regular verizon stores?
  • Premium Retailers are indepedently owned stores that are made to look and act exactly like a Verizon store, we do all the same trainings and can do all the same things as a corporate store. We are able to do more things as far as different insurance options and more places to order accessories from. We can also choose our own phone prices and change them at will. (Except with the iPhone, Apple is a group of Nazis!!)
  • How much do you guys usually markup phones? Or are the phones comparable and the accessories where the money is?
  • We typically price match with Verizon unless we can get a better deal for phones. The MIFI is a great example of this, for the longest time VZW had it as $100, but we were able to sell it as free out the door! We still get an employee demo line, which is an amazingly discounted phone plan and we get to demo out whatever phone we want to try!
  • is that John Amos in the picture?
  • I can hardly handle how back and forth this is going with verzion. They even have the language selection for HTC Merge on their website. But yet, don't even carry it.