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Verizon Galaxy Nexus accessories (with pricing) pictured [from the forums]

Jephanie, a smart member here at AC bought a couple Galaxy Nexus accessories from his Verizon store, and was kind enough to share the pictures and pricing with us all.  The "Power and protection package" consists of a black case and holster, a universal car charger with USB slot, and three screen protectors for $49.97.  The "Spare battery charging kit" (and this one looks to be a real winner) has a spare 1850mAh battery, a stand-alone battery charger, and a micro-USB Y-cable so you can charge both the spare battery and your Galaxy Nexus at the same time in the same place.  List price on the spare battery kit is $39.99.  Both of these look like very nice accessories for the LTE Galaxy Nexus, and jephanie is ready to roll as soon as Verizon turns this one loose.  Hit the break for another picture of each, and visit the link below for close-ups and discussion.  Be sure to give jephanie a big thanks for sharing with us all!

Verizon Galaxy Nexus forums

Galaxy Nexus accessories

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Has to be this week then , right ?!?!?! lol oh and FIRST !!
  • VZW has had these for well over a week ... Old news nothing to see here!!!
  • That spare battery and kit for 40? Thats a STEAL!
  • It is a steal considering....(correct me if I'm wrong) has the NFC on fhe battery.....
  • Its just a antenna. Nothing much more.
  • Look like "Near Field Communication" on the battery in the picture.
  • Can anyone who has UK version Galaxy Nexus to confirm if this battery fits the GSM version as well? Thx =)
  • I can garanty it won't fit as the gsm nexus has the battery pins on the left and the verizon version has them on the right as you can see with the + and - sing on the right side of the battery in that pic
  • Wasn't it already confirmed that the batteries are a different size? I would not count on the battery from the bigger Verizon version fitting in the GSM version.
  • A spare battery alone for a Droid Bionic costs $39.99 from Verizon. I imagine the battery for the Galaxy Nexus would be similarly priced. If VZW is really selling a battery plus a charger plus a USB cable -- all or $39.99 -- it's a great deal.
  • Wow, thanks a ton, jephanie (is that like brangelina? Just wondering, its a unique name). Btw, are those the screen protectors that cover the entire screen (even the parts w/o pixels)? I hope that they have protectors like that; they can be so hard to find for other devices. Gotta love this phone's design!
  • jephanie / brangelina -- yes, it is like that. Wife and I were joking around with some friends and suddenly that "name" was made up and it stuck. LOL
    The protectors look like they fit the full size of the glass and then some. There is a small slit for the earpiece at the top as well.
  • also, with all of the different accessories for this phone, it looks like I'm gonna be forking over an extra $200 bucks just to get me started. Great marketing strategy, big red (especially that slick little move with the landscape dock, and portrait hdmi). Not sure why I'm applauding them for this, but you gotta give it to 'em-- they know how to make us open our wallets. edit: also, I'm definitely loving the y-chord, but I think it would have been equally smooth for them to put a micro usb charge in the place where the phone rests on the spare battery charger
  • I'm coming from an og droid. Will my chargers work for this device or is the connection different?
  • The same .
  • Where is the car dock?
  • That was my first thought. And where's the desk dock?
  • So dumb how some stores have them and others don't. Just called my store and they don't have them.
  • I'm actually gonna go for the car dock this time. It looks awesome!
  • ...i wish there had been a POWER&PROTECTION PACKAGE for the GALAXY S2(epic touch)when it released.Lack of ACCESSORIES for a brand new phone can be IRRITATING for those of us who like to accessorize.
  • The screen protectors do cover the entire screen. Plus they dont take away from the quality of the display. The screen still looks amazing!
  • i wanna know where you went to get this, i want it and i bet my store will be like 80 bucks lol
  • That spare battery kit seems AWESOME at that price I will get one of them and a charging bedside dock along with a thin holster and I should be set.
  • got the bundle from verizon for my gsm unlocked delicious Nexus, charger, clip and screen protectors... i went to 4 vzw stores before they cough up some accessories from the back... every store i went into the managers where like you have the nexus..let me see and started playing with it. finally at the 4th store the kid was so amazed by phone. he said let me check the back and came out with a bunch of accessories...Silicon cases, cases with clips, etc. he had to get the manager to approve to sell one to me. He said we will make an exception..
  • you do realize the gsm one is thinner and has a smaller, differently designed battery right?
  • My local VZW store refused to sell any of the GN accessories. The mgr said they had received them, but he wasn't even opening the box yet.
  • Can anyone confirm if the Verizon version will get some of the nicer accessories like the landscape dock or the car dock? These accessories shown above are kind of generic and would work for either the euro version or the LTE version where the car and landscape dock need to be designed for the actual phone.
  • I'm amazed at the fair prices for these accessories. $40 for both the battery and charger?! I remember buying similar Seidio battery accessories for my HTC Incredible. $40 battery and $30 charger. Now I'm curious if Seidio will have a battery that can store more than 1850mAh in the same form factor.
  • Yeah, I was surprised at the price for the battery/charger, so I snapped that up just in case they changed their mind about the pricing. ;-)