Verizon Fascinate benchmarks, pics

We're not-so-patiently awaiting the arrival of the Verizon Fascinate -- the fourth version of the Samsung Galaxy S to drop in the United States -- which has gone silent since our initial hands-on at the launch party. But that doesn't mean it's not out there, and it's starting to get into a few hands ahead of what we believe will be a Sept. 9 launch. And that means it's getting into our hands.

So, after the break, an octet of pics of the Fascinate, as well as some benchmark scores. Enjoy!

Phil Nickinson
  • Beutiful
  • now all we need is froyo
  • I would bet that Cyanogen will beat Samsung to the punch with Froyo. Either way its going to be totally awesome!
  • Does it have flash or a self portrait mirror? I can't tell. Though it would be a little old school to have a self portrait mirror.
  • I believe it has a 5mp camera w/ LED flash.
  • I believe it has a 5mp camera w/ LED flash.
  •'s just sad that the GSM version of the galaxy S doesnt have a camera flash while they are just slapping all those flash over on CDMA version
  • That is to divert your attention from the fact that CDMA functionality is so poor compared to GSM. Seriously, have you actually used this camera? The low-light capability is amazing. And flash is good for about 5 feet max. You really don't miss much with no flash. I keep my Nexus One flash off all the time, because is slows the camera down, and the range is so pathetic.
  • Really? Odd.. my Incredible works just fine, so much for "poor functionality".. must not be referring to that impeccably spotty high-speed coverage that so lovingly AT&T has given us. T-Mobile isn't too great as far as expansive coverage is concerned either. Just sayin..
  • sorry but i dont own a galaxy s, so i'm not sure of how amazing the picture are during pitch black environment, etc. But my comment isnt made in regard to the quality of the camera. im just commenting on how it is weird for both the gsm device does not have it but the cdma version does. it's prolly not a deal breaker for most. but one would think that they would be able to throw in a camera flash since half of galaxy s line have one. in addition, there are other uses of a flash other than for the just because u in particular dont like using it, doesnt mean the next person in line doesnt. same argument for the whole no led for notification i read in the forum.
  • I rarely use the led flash on my Nexus but it does make one hell of a flashlight. Download the right app and bingo makes a great FL. You can say no big deal there is no flash but better LED flash than not. Also why not throw in a FF camera? Some day very soon you might enjoy a video call. All the little add ons is what makes a great phone from a very good phone.
  • Looks like the pictures where taken with a dinc! Loving it
  • How's the GPS performance?
  • anyone else upset about this gorgeous phone not having a notification light? damn you samsung!! haha
  • Very much so. This and TouchWiz make it a deal breaker for me. I'll wait for the new HTC Verizon phone.
  • Get that device some damn 2.2 already. Yikes.
  • Can't wait
    My NE2 just ended.
  • what the heck is up with that linpack score?
  • No Froyo. The N1 was around 7 on eclair.
  • Looks great, but Phil, let us know how to win at craps!
  • I still have about three weeks to take my X back. Although this thing looks awesome, and scores nicely too, I think I'll stick to the devil I know.
  • Is Droid X scoring higher than Fascinate because of Froyo?
  • Is Droid X scoring higher than Fascinate because of Froyo?
  • The droid x i have doesn't have froyo. and it loses in linpack and neocore but wins in quadrant. some benchmarks favor different architectures though, so about that grain of salt.
  • The droid x scores higher in linpack due to better io
  • Great phone...They all are...another great ANDROID software phone...Android FTW > iPhoney!!!
  • Exactly. I'm tired of phone snobs..
  • I went from optimistic about this device to bummed. It seems vzw has gimped it to much cut the memory down and ram though I still think it has 512 just 356 or so are usable by the os. Bing etc seems like they don't want this to compete with their droid line
  • What are you talking about? Is the memory really shortened on this phone compared to Droid X or other Galaxy phones?
    Anyone else have any insight / knowledge on this?
  • I was led around the counter to look at the specs at a Verizon store today. She brought up one of the pages that's already been leaked. It does in fact have 384 listed in specs instead of 512 like the X, 2, and Incredible. She doesn't think its an error, although that does happen sometimes. I don't know why it's lower and neither did the Verizon rep, who said she wanted this phone too until she saw that. She said it looks like the screen is its only real selling point since it's already beat or on only on par with the current Droids. She said to wait to use my upgrade till around November. "There is something special in the works and LTE starts launching around then". I have no clue if that LTE thing is accurate, or if there will be a 4G handset, or just an awesome phone, but either way I'm waiting if the Fascinate has gimped RAM
  • Holy crap this thing is looking gorgeous. Can't wait. Idk if i have an upgrade but im getting this phone either way.
  • this is fascinating
  • Looks pretty cool I guess
  • still like the look of droid x the back of this looks kinda ugly... also why would i want a phone anyone can get and it actually have less features than the droid x. i feel this should've came out before the droid x.
  • Except that the Droid X is huge and ugly. Seriously, it has horrid lines, is bulky and has a worse screen. A coworker has one here. It is really only marginally larger than the captivate I have but much thicker in all sorts of wierd spots. And the screen doesn't even compare.
  • The only place the X is thicker is where the camera is.. which kind of doubles and a finger resting place so you've got a better grip on your solid, un-plasticky phone. Motorola stuff is tough. You're right the screen doesn't compare.. because Samsung were being stingy with their AMOLED technology and already screwed the Droid Incredible's future owners out of one, for sake of making their own devices. I like the Fascinate, its a nice phone, not a fan of Samsung's UI.. but I've grown so accustomed to Sense that even stock Android seems lacking to me in some areas.. regardless. they're both Android phones, and they're all on the same team.
  • In my opinion this beats out the Droid X for 4 reasons. 1) No e-fuse which makes development alot easier. They can and already do get around the e-fuse, but its still an unnecessary hassle and not in line with the spirit of Android. 2) No MotoBlur which is a major system hog and just plain ugly. This is really a subjective thing but Touchwiz while being ugly is still not as bad as Blur. Both of course can disappear with the use of Launcher Pro or something of the like. Again, its just IMHO. 3) Super Amoled! It may not be 4.3 inches but that is the most beautiful screen ive seen. I have an i4, Epic and Vibrant and the Retina display is not as gorgeous as the other two in my opinion. 4) The Hummingbird. Wow is all i can say. It makes the phone fly. Makes my A4 chip seem a touch laggy, it really is THAT good.
  • that screen is amazing!
  • can we get some solid data on the specs of this thing? It seems very fuzzy.
  • I/O Score of Droid X is significantly wrong and it affects total. Technically Galaxy S wins in every test.
  • i called verizon they told me for sure september 9 launch day
  • Looks too much like an iPhone 3G.
  • there was that test about battery showing the galaxy s phones being the worst because of the screen, does that mean that this is included or has that been fixed?
  • this is the nicest looking phone i seen this year, i want it, too bad is verizon and not sprint.