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Verizon drops Samsung Galaxy Tab pricing to $499, offers previous buyers $100 refunds

Get a shiny new Samsung Galaxy Tab in the last 14 days from Verizon? If so, you'll wanna reach out to the store where you purchased the device from and see about getting $100 back in your pocket. Verizon it seems is now under the impression the Samsung Galaxy Tab was priced a little on the high side and have now dropped it to $499.99. Something Best Buy already knew anyways.  But that's not all. You'll also get yourself set up with $60 worth of Blockbuster or Media Hub rentals to go along with it. Anyone stepping up to get one at $499.99 that wasn't will to at $599.99? [Droid Life]

  • >"Anyone stepping up to get one at $499.99 that wasn't will to at $599.99?" No, because like most people, I am waiting for a 10" WiFi 3.0 tablet at that price or lower.
  • Exactly! 10" is where it's at. 7" and smaller is just too small for a tablet. And I don't buy the whole "it's portable and the 10" version is not" argument ...chances are if you can carry around a 7" tablet you have room to carry around a 10" one. I actually think that if manufacturers can get the weight down to about 1 pound on the 10" tablets the smaller tables will be done for.
  • Have the Tab, iPad, and Archos 101. The device I take with me every day is the Tab. The 7" screen device is much easier to carry around all day, and fits in my winter jacket pocket which the 10" devices do not. Around the house, I use the bigger devices, but the Tab is out with me everyday while the bigger devices stay at home.
  • But I (like many) already have a 4.3" Evo. THAT is what I carry around with me everywhere. 7" is too large to carry around, yet not bigger enough compared to the Evo. 10" would be a different animal.... it would be for times I want really big and don't need super-portable. Otherwise the Evo is just fine.
  • Disagree - have 4.3" devices as well, and a 5" Streak. Although I enjoy the Streak, it is a bit too small for my video / web viewing. For me, the 7" screen size is ideal, for you maybe not. The Tab fits in my jacket pocket 8 months of the year, and the other 4, I will either use a light backsack which should not be a problem, or use the Streak since it fits in my T shirt pocket along with my glasses.
  • After using the Tab, the 4, 4.3, and 5 inch devices seem too small for my video / viewing pleasure. The Tab, and other 7 inch tablets have spoiled me. I respect your opinion, but disagree. Try watching videos, or the web on a 7 inch tablet for awhile, and then return to your smartphone. You may be surprised at the vast difference.
  • hey I have an ipad. But I love the 7 inch version because it fits in all of my pockets my jeans my suit pants and my suit coats I gave my ipad to my wife because I love the 7 inch so much. Ihey the Ipad since launch and you just can't take it around easily. just try it I think you will like it don't get stuck on the 9 inch version just because apple has 1.
  • Totally agree, my iPad have become basically a dust collector because it was too cumbersome, and bulky to carry around all day, and at home, prefer full power laptop.
  • Drop. Another. 100.00
  • still to much should be 299.99 why would any one buy with ces next week tons of tabs coming
  • Why when the viewsonic has better hardware , fully unlocked, a bigger screen and one hundred dollars cheaper.
  • Still wsy too much for this tablet.
  • Pshhhhhh we all know what this is about. A preemptive strike on CES this week. As Soon soon as Honeycomb tablets break cover thursday the Galaxy Tab is done for.
  • I'm quite happy with my $250 NookColor TYVM
  • Agree totally. Rooted NC is perfect for me given the price
  • Still to much money! Ill wait for something much better! Sorry Samsung!!
  • If you have one of the high end Android phones, then this is still way too much money. Should be priced no more than $250 or $300, without a contract.
  • There is no such word as "anyways"; it is a bastardization of "anyway" and only appears in the dictionary because of the frequency of misuse in the American vernacular. As for Verizon Wireless and all the other carriers thinking that by some miracle people in a recessive, crawling economy can fork over $500 or more dollars on a tech toy - TIME TO WAKE UP.
  • Wow u a smarts fella
  • Cut us regular folks some slack!
  • Apple has sold over 10 million +/-$500 iPads in this recessive, crawling economy... it would be reasonable to say Samsung and its retailers could experience similar success with the gTab... (they're already more than 1/10th as successful as Apple in terms of tablet sales) Anyways... it's nap time.
  • Step back from your pompous self, Mr. Webster. The glory of English is that it evolves as people use it. Yes, of course it is a bastardization of "anyway" that doesn't make it "not a word". It could be a word you don't like. I suspect it is. But it is a word, it is English. Of course there are situations where grammar and usage matter, but really, internet forums are conversational, not professional. Samsung screwed up by not selling a greater variety of these, I would have been all over a wi-fi only version. However, data plan versions are simply too costly.
  • Guess it's a good thing I'm Canadian then huh?
  • I think you mean "eh?" :p
  • Really have you tried looking in a dictionary lately? Nobody like English professor wanna-be's correcting others in comments. Larker.
  • They are called grammar-trolls
    Grammar Troll- Usually this is a person who disagrees with your comment on a forum, but can't think of anything in retort to your comment so they got to poke at your spelling or grammar errors.
  • Nah still too high especially with them forcing a $60 data package to with it, thanks but no thanks. I'm waiting for the wifi tabs to drop more in price so I can use it at my Boeing factory since we have free wi fi service for employees.
  • Verizon is not forcing a $60 data plan. I chose the $35 for 3GB plan, and it meets my needs completely. After one month, you can cancel the service without fee (since there is no device subsidy), and use it as a wifi only device. It stipulates on my receipt that the data plan can be cancelled without fee.
  • I am guessing most people don't know that. And it probably depends on the carrier, no? In any case, it is still FAR too expensive for the size it is, after AFTER the price drop. You can buy a 10" ipad for that.
  • You can...but not everyone eats from the Appletree. As far as carriers, I think only T-mobile "forces" anyone into data because they offer a subsidy if you want it.
  • All the data plans were clearly posted at the Tab display at least in the Verizon store where I purchased my device.
  • I think the headline should be.. Verizon admits to price gouging.
  • Really? I seem to recall other places selling it for $600 as well. You know...places like T-mobile, Amazon, and even Car Toys. Anti-VZW troll obviously. Oh, it's also generally the manufacturers that set the prices not the retailer.
  • What about at&t selling it for $650? My, how interesting nobody mentions them when the words "price gouging" are thrown around.
  • Most smartphones sell for 400-500+ off contract so $499 for a tablet doesn't sound to bad in comparison.
  • You're right. I guess most people don't consider that though because they have been spoiled so long by subsidy pricing. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if there are people out there that aren't even aware of there being two prices for products.
  • When is samsung announced the price I could not find 1 person that was going to buy it for 599. Then samsung announced that they made millions in the first week, leading people do believe that it was a big seller. Now after 6 weeks they drop the price by 100 dollars? Samsung needs to get real and realize that android users are not going to shell out that kind of money.
  • One word, no.
  • The Tab is an incredible device and Froyo works great as a tablet OS. The Tab will run all of your favorite Android Apps only bigger and faster than on your phone. It will take video apps like Slingbox, Youtube and movie rentals to a whole new level. News and Ereader apps also become incredible experiences on the Tab. Gaming is smooth and intense on the Tab. I have no doubt that Honeycomb will be good as well. I will pick up a new device with that OS this summer when it finally comes out. Until then I'll be enjoying my Tab!
  • $499 isn't a bad no-contract price. People who want to see a current generation tablet for $250 off-contract are out of their minds...that's simply unrealistic. Heck my phone cost that much with a new contract.
  • WOW - Chris Parsons and my local Verizon manager just saved me $100. I purchased it on 11/12/10 (more than 8 weeks ago) but I have the BEST Verizon store and I love my Galaxy Table. So Thanks again Chris Parsons for your timely info cause I am so very happy to been enjoying the device and now to get back $100. What a deal!
  • I guess ill give them a call since today is day 13
  • Just got off the phone, they said i have to bring everything back in... So i can return the whole thing and then theyll sell me a new one for the promo price, so why dont they just give me the $100?
  • How does it stack up to the Ipad? Apps