Verizon tech reps on Twitter all but confirmed a BGR source who leaked an e-mail sent out by HTC. The e-mail gave details on when Droid Incredible owners could expect their 2.2 ("Froyo") update (late July/early August), plus all the goodies that were rumored to have been sent out as an OTA update this past weekend. Here's Big Red's Tweet in question, referencing the BGR post:

"Told ya :) RT @BGR HTC DROID Incredible to be updated to 
Froyo end of July, early August"

HTC and Verizon seem to have decided to roll the 720p video and Froyo updates into one big ball of love to DI owners, which is fine by me. The features include: Froyo (duh), 802.11n Wifi, Verizon's 3G Wifi hotspot, 720p video recording, Amazon's MP3 store (Finally!) and a number of other app and widget goodies. Read past the break for a bit more analysis. [@VZWTechSupport and BGR]

Update: The folks behind the Twitter account have explained who they are in another tweet. "Officially unofficial. We are official technical reps but are not endorsed directly by corporate. Which may be a good thing? :)"

Evo and Desire owners shouldn't be too jealous of this announcement; we already know that all three phones are very similar hardware- and software-wise. If HTC has gotten Sense running silky-smooth on the DI, updates for HTC's other offerings can't be far behind. In many cases, it is up to the carrier (Verizon, Sprint, etc) to ensure updates are compatible with their network and push them to users only once they have gone through testing. Verizon may just be putting much more effort behind doing this, which is why we are seeing the DI get the update first. 

If this is the case, good on you Big Red. Making sure phones get the latest OS updates in a timely manner is really the only way to combat fragmenta...errr, legacy... and hopefully this will push other carriers and manufacturers (that's you, Samsung) to do the same. 

Until then, fellow DI (and HTC) owners, Froyo is surely worth the couple extra weeks of wait. After all, last we heard, we might not taste any JIT goodness until Christmas.