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Verizon Droid Charge specs compared

How do the upcoming Droid Charge specs stack up against the rest of Verizon's inventory? Well, Big Red's sending out word, at least internally. And when you put it up against the likes of the HTC ThunderBolt, Samsung Fascinate, Droid 2 Global and iPhone 4, well, it does quite nicely.

We'd like to have seen a little more on-board storage, but note that the Wifi hotspot can serve as many as 10 devices. And that's 10 devices being fed through an LTE connection, which you can't do on the Fascinate, Droid 2 Global or iPhone 4G.

Anyhoo, check out the whole list after the break, and let us know what you think of the Droid Charge specs. Thanks, anon!

  • wireless tethering to 10 devices?
    i barely tether my laptop to my phone--can't imagine the need for 10 or what it'd do to the LTE connection... cool they're advancing the number, but at what point is it just not even useful? 20? and wtih LTE, at the amount of data it can consume, i can't imagine what 10 tethered users could do to the data usage of the phone account. and as for MediaHub-- is it even supported for Captivate users yet? look for compatibility for this phone some time next year still, it is a nice looking phone.
  • Look, adding to the number of devices that it can support is as simple as adding one more entry to the mac-address table size, and change the size of the subnet mask. It costs nothing. Its pure ip-tables. LTE is supposed to be able to handle the data thru-put. Its your greedy carrier cap that will be the problem, not the actual capability of LTE or limitations in the device.
  • So it's confirmed then. It's not dual core, that makes me sad, especially if it is $300.
  • Speed isn't everything; would be nice if they began listing CPU type in addition to clock... or is that too geeky?
  • I don't see much advantage over the TB. Less onboard storage, 2 more devices to tether? If you are tethering 10 or even 8 devices, LTE will be nice but your data speed will slow down quite a bit regardless... I'd rather have more RAM, more onboard storage, and OH YEAH THE RIDICULOUS PRICE TAG... No thanks VZW, can't see this one being much of a hit. Edit: Oh and Froyo at launch?? Wow. Since it's Samsung, guess it's sticking with Froyo for life. No thank you.
  • Agree the tb has similar or better specs in most areas and the samsung is $50 more? Doesn't make sense to me.
  • those are just numbers thats like saying 2ghz processor from intel is the same as 2ghz from AMD same with ram just because you have a higher number of ram doesnt mean it is faster. top that off with the screen, screen is much higher quality, same specs meanwhile OLED is much more efficient more subpixels, has no backlight so makes the phone thinner. And the phones are the same exact price both are $700. The subsidy is either they are driving people towards the TB or there was a limited quantity and they couldnt get as good a bulk deal so they have to drive up the price to offset that.
  • I don't see anything there shows why this phone is $50 more than the Thunderbolt, or $100 more than most top tier phones.
  • SAMOLED. Probably worth $100 to some people.
  • If this isn't dual-core, except for the hotspot thing, Thunderbolt owns this.
  • great article, noting the typo "...or iPhone 4G.". Either then that it seems it's on par with the Thunderbolt not too much differences. I would pick the Thunderbolt--my opinion.
  • Fuck Samsung
  • Nice; do you kiss Lloyd with that mouth?
  • Cursing is not constructive it adds nothing to the conversation. Was not necessary at all.
  • No such thing as an iphone with 4g :)
  • Looks to me like the TB is the clear winner. I have the Fascinate, and the hardware has serious hardware flaws (failing GPS and unable to charge and operate the GPS together). I would give the TB a go before Samsung.
    I prefer HTC Sense over Touchwiz also.
    I would want more info on battery size/life first though.
  • The Thunderbolt doesn't have Swype? That seems strange since HTC has it on other phones. Is it more a carrier thing?
  • While the Thunderbolt doesn't have Swype pre-installed, you can get it directly from the Swype website. All you have to do is sign up for their beta.
  • I see that the Droid Charge has 512MB RAM and 512MB ROM and the T-Bolt has 768MB RAM. Does that mean that potentially the Charge will have more available useable RAM? Sorry if that is a stupid question.
  • What the heck is the Fascinate doing up there with the big boys? I know the Droid X & Droid Incredible are approaching EOL but it seems they belong in a comparison of VZW phones, not the Fascinate.
  • I don't understand your post. The Fascinate is a top tier device on VZW even if it officially only has Android 2.1 on it. So why wouldn't it fall into this comparison? This is sales training after all.
  • Fascinate runs just as smooth if not smoother than the DX, also has better GPU. Being behind in an update doesnt make it a non top tier phone.
  • Verizon sucks!! Where is my 4" dual core, LTE, Gingerbread phone?!?!?!
  • " And when you put it up against the likes of the HTC ThunderBolt, Samsung Fascinate, Droid 2 Global and iPhone 4, well, it does quite nicely." Quite nicely? It seems pretty average. Every one of these "comparisons" ends up sounding like a sales pitch for that week's new phone.
  • Droid charge Still useless and a waste of time. Can verizon do any better i doubt it.