Verizon discontinues its Android data widget (update: New one coming for shared data plans)

Just a quick heads up to you Verizon peeps -- who by now should have seen this -- that Big Red apparently is discontinuing its "My Verizon Data Widget." That's the handy little tool that would show your data usage right on your homescreen, without having to navigate VZW's website to find the same info. It was a handy little bugger, especially in a day and age when unlimited data's going the way of the dinosaurs.

We also can't  help but wonder if Thursday's launch of Verizon's "Share Everything" shared data plans has anything to do with this? Hopefully we'll see an update widget soon. Verizon (and all the carriers) needs to make seeing where you're money's going as transparent as possible.

Update: And just as we suspected, this widget's being deprecated so that Verizon can roll out a new one for its new shared data plans. Thanks, Brandan!

Thanks, Adam and Broken007!

Phil Nickinson
  • And let the uproar begin .....
  • It shouldn't???
    Why is it some people act like the consumer should not scream for being shot?
    You don't find this to be a calculated and divisive move so that Verizon can capitalize on overrun data? This is already the most expensive carrier on the planet earth and they are now trying to draw more blood from a turnip?
  • "The (over)lord giveth, and the (over)lord taketh away." -Job(s) 1:21 But seriously, you can still go into the my verizon app and see usage on the landing page right there, it's not like they are hiding it. They are probably retooling the widget for some reason.
  • LoL , oh well so it goes .I personally didnt use it anyhoo, guess it suks for those who did tho
  • Ok, I have unlimited but I still use this widget just to keep track. I imagine people without unlimited plans might have used this as a very efficient way to make sure they don't go over their limit. Why get rid of it? It's there and it doesn't seem it should need THAT much support to keep it going. Make sure it's compatible with ICS and move on...
  • It already works on ICS, it's currently running on my Rezound which is running the latest ICS leak for the Rezound. If the newer version supports older tiered plans I don't think it's an issue, but if they aren't supporting the older tiered plans that is manipulative. I have unlimited data, but I like having it just to see how much I've used, if it doesn't work for my unlimited data plan anymore I can't say it's a huge deal, but it shouldn't be that much work to keep supporting.
  • That's what I was saying...
  • Why only Android? It's still working on my iPhone. Weird.
  • Wow! You have an iPhone with widgets? Weird.
  • Oh. So the app still works?
  • Please read the article, then you will get the sarcasm above.
  • Mine is still working, just checked. TBolt with lastest My Verizon updated app.
  • It does have to do with the Share Everything plan. Supposedly, the widget shows data use for the phone it is installed on and it cannot show data usage for everyone on the shared data plan. I suppose there is some credibility to this as I have noticed on my phone that it keeps track of data usage, but when the new billing cycle starts, I need to log-in to the My Verizon app to refresh/recalibrate the widget. Otherwise, it just keeps adding to the existing data usage number. BTW, you can log into the My Verizon app to check overall data usage on the plan.
  • You must have a buggy widget because my widget resets automatically when my billing cycle resets. It shows data usage for the LINE that it is associated with... not the phone. It pulls the data from their server. The ICS data usage functionality tracks only the phone.
  • Damn it, I'm setting my phone on fire!
  • So is this just a way to make it harder to find out how much data your using so there's more chance you go over your amount? Or what?
  • I hope they bring out another one so that we can monitor it easily in two years when I may be on a tiered data. I so wish Sprint would get more coverage because I would drop Verizon in a heart beat. Just can't beat the coverage they have right now. One day that will change and people will remember how badly Verizon has treated them and then it will be Verizon who will be feeling the pain.
  • Love my galaxy nexus. It has a data limit you can set and it warns you before you hit your limit. Once you do it shuts your data off.
  • That's an ice cream sandwich feature, it's also on my echo lte, I'm just saying
  • That's an ice cream sandwich feature, it's also on my echo lte, I'm just saying
    The harder is to track your data, the easier is for the cup to run over.
    Verizon is getting dirtier and dirtier by the minute and I can't wait to leave when my contract is up.
  • Not like it really updated the widget most the time anyway, or at least on my Galaxy Nexus so no big for me :-). It would be nice if Android had a stock one to go with the data usage available in device settings though.
  • Here I thought I did something wrong when I updated to ICS.
  • use Onavo or ice cream sandwiches built in feature...
  • That's horseshit. They're doing everything in their power to abolish Unlimited Data, while simultaneously making it just a little harder to keep up with your usage.
  • They're also pushing data heavy apps in the bloatware to encourage users to consume large amounts of data. It's sleazy what they're doing.
  • Educate yourself: Carriers are required to notify you when you are approaching or have gone over your limit. You generally need to ask them to turn this feature on though. Also there are a bagillion apps on the market that will do this for you for free. You can set an alert easily enough. I don't like this as much as the next person, but for Christ sake take responsibility for your own actions. Verizon isn't forcing you to go with them, and they sure as hell aren't forcing you to gobble down that much data. If you don't like the price then either switch carriers, monitor your usage and figure out where you are eating through your data and cut back, or stop complaining.
    I swear people are acting like 8 year olds over this.
  • Nice glad I broke this last night. Oh well. Sucks on vzw part I guess.
  • I'll reserve judgement til I see how long it takes VZW to introduce an updated version which can track total data used per account. Honestly, it should be ready the same day as the Share Everything Plans go live.
  • There are other methods for watching your data usage if Verizon won't provide them. ICS includes it built in (just not a widget) and 3G Watcher app provides a widget and detailed per application usage. The only advantage the Verizon one has is showing the offically tracked usage.
  • So the easy work around, on ICS at least, is to use the built in data tracker & set usage limits if you are on a tiered data plan. Oh & do remember that handy screen shot feature in ICS to capture your usage statistics. That way Verizon hasn't got a leg to stand on in small claims court. I've already seen this at my local Verizon store. A rather irate lady was complaining about the overage chargers on data for 2 smart phones on her acct. She showed the screen shots & said her next stop was the clerk of courts to file a claim. The store manager made those charges disappear rather quickly. Make Verizon just as uncomfortable as they make you. Bad publicity is the killer app to use.
  • Except for the disclaimer on the ICS Data Usage section that says "Measured by your phone. Your carrier's data usage accounting may differ."
  • Very true indeed. However if you taking the time to going through the tracking of data right to reset dates & using screen shots to bolster your case like this lady obviously was, it makes a strong case in small claims court to prove your right. No company, Verizon included, wants bad publicity. If enough customers make a big stink Verizon will back down in regards to over charging.
  • This is all about the WIDGET, not, N O T the VZW app, right? If so, I don't like it, but it's just 1 button push (or 2). If they are disabling the APP, that is pretty bad.
  • "My Verizon Mobile". Still works for me. Even though I am unlimited data plan I still use this frequently to track minutes and messages for the family.
  • Kind of figured they would have some new one. Since they are legally obligated to have easy access to data use which was the reason my Galaxy Nexus came with the My Verizon app. The new one will probably be able to break down shared data by each device.
  • I never use this app since I am on unlimited till the middle of march 2013... But I just checked it & its still working on my Razr Maxx. My last Billing cycle I used 1.455 GB & on track to use around 2 GB for this cycle.. I do have a question. I am always on this phone, weather its the browser, downloading or updating apps or whatever & I don't think I have ever gone over 2 GB.. Question is, what does it take to use 3,4,5 & up GB's?
  • streaming video, buying music, buying apps, bittorrenting, tethering (Betting this is a big one for people bitching.), dropbox, etc. I've never hit 4GB, but 2.5 is doable on a routine basis.
  • I do all those things all day everyday &I don't think I have ever gone over 2 GB
  • *shrugs* As long as: #1 I get my company discount. #2 I get 4GB of data. #3 I can do tethering. (The plan I have I can.) #4 I get 450min\1000txt a month. #5 they don't completely rape you at the price per GB afterwards. Its all good. At least for me. I feel sorry for the unlimited data folks who are about to get bent over. >.<
  • I still have my widget
  • what cracks me up is they just got this working again.. at least for the Nexus they did, I remember getting some message from them saying the new Widget was here lol.
  • Beyond the usual complaints something about Verizon just on a whim pulling an app from my phone really bothers me.
  • screw the widget---boycott verizon!