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Vector 47: Google I/O Q&A

Moto 360
Moto 360 (Image credit: Android Central)

Google I/O has come and gone but we'll be talking about it for a good long time still. And who better to talk about it with than Phil Nickinson and Jerry Hildenbrand, two of the smartest people in the industry. Now, I've watched the I/O keynote twice, but they were both there. So, we got into everything: Android One and what it means for Google and AOSP in emerging markets. L Preview and why Google's gone back to betas. Materials and Polymer and a consistent design language across not only Android and Chrome and web, but wearable and phone and tablet and PC and TV. ART and what it means for developers. Android Extension Packs and whether or not Google can tame the GPU. Volta and battery life, and Universal Data Controls and what that means of our privacy. Then we go into the fun stuff!

Android Wear, and which watch Phil and Jerry will be wearing. Android Auto and whether it's still safe enough for drivers. Android TV and how it looks like third time's the charm for Google in the living room. And, of course, whether or not Google should separate out the consumer stuff from the big data stuff — Map Reduce, really? — in the I/O keynotes.

I had questions, they had answers, so sit back, hit play, and then tell us what you think!

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  • Before I even listen to it, I hope this isn't a Moto360 bash
  • It's absolutely not!
  • Great webcast ;)
  • Why aren't the Vector episodes available on the youtube channel?
    I like to stream the podcast via chromecast
  • Audio-only. Can stream via Pocket Casts or another app.
  • Phil, Can you please fix your f***ing website? It looks like a two year old threw darts at a chart of website elements and s*** was thrown together. K? Thanks. xoxo
  • They explained in a podcast about 2-3 weeks ago that the website is in progression of change and is not done yet. Chill out. Btw, if it were my website and you came at me with that kind of condescending language, I would probably ignore you. Also "xoxo" at the end is like saying, "He's a stupid idiot that doesn't know his nose from his hind end, bless his heart." The make up at the end just comes off as being patronizing.
  • And I was just about to give a sneak peek of things to come. But, yeah. Kids don't know how to act like civil human beings, kids don't get treats.
  • Good on you. Maybe one day the internet will be nice.
  • Unfortunately, I don't see that ever happening... you stupid asshole. :-) Posted via Android Central App
  • Ignoring your customers does not a good business model make. I've seen criticism galore throughout comment sections since the changes, and haven't personally seen Phil (or anyone else) address the criticism. When customers are suggesting alternatives, a smart business man/woman will immediately sit up in their chair and take appropriate action. For some constructive criticism, on the desktop, the gigantic row of headlines at the top of the site is rather useless as I can not scroll. The arrows on either side of the 3 dots are not "clickable" - nothing happens when clicking on them.
  • Is this in mobile or the desktop? It scrolls just fine for me on Chrome on a Nexus 5 (with over 100 tabs open I should add), just swipe across it. The very top link bar is also a lot less annoying now that it hides away properly (even tho it still doesn't scale perfectly on zooming). My only real complaint is the way your profile icon (along with the search button and the sandwich) grows to about half an inch in size when you zoom in considerably into a page, like when writing a comment (which auto zooms in), and they just kinda floats up there in the top right corner regardless of the bar hiding.
  • Scrolls just fine for me on mobile and desktop. Just like it's supposed to.
  • Lol, so typical. Instead of reacting, "Hmm, one of my customers indicates that one of our core design elements isn't working. Let's investigate, as this might be (likely is) an issue for others.", your attitude is a condescending, "Works for me, the customer must be wrong!"
  • Those "arrows" are new, apparently. Can't speak to them, and i agree you probably should be able to click on them if they're gonna stay. But as to the sliding, it works just fine.
  • Like I said, works fine with a touch screen. No way to scroll or click over on the desktop.
  • Dunno what to tell you then, because that's a screen recording of me clicking and dragging on a desktop browser.
  • Scrolls fine in Chrome on my PC. Just grab it with the mouse and scroll. Don't know if I particularly find it useful, but it does work.
  • No problem doing so here. Running Windows 8.1.
  • Mobile scrolls fine, with a touch screen. It doesn't work on a desktop (Chrome) w/o a touch screen. I get 4 1/3 "headline" stories and the cursor goes from being able to click on the headlines and in turn be taken to the story when hovering over the story, to no action taken when hovering over and clicking on the arrows.
  • Cool story bro. I'm on my Windows 8.1 desktop(not a touchscreen btw) using Chrome browser and it scrolls just fine for me. But then again I'm not a complete moron and took the whole .0000259 seconds worth of effort to figure out how to make it work. But I guess I could have been a better "customer" and just complained about it since no one spoonfed me the answer. I'll try to remember to be a little whiner next time.
  • Let's be nice, please. Posted via Android Central App
  • Sorry to break it to you Chris. But im pretty sure this is an issue on your end as the scrolling is working perfectly fine for everyone else
  • stop posting the photos of the 360! It is making me drool.
  • Haha same here. Posted via Android Central App
  • I've touched it. It's wonderful. :p (Actually the resolution was just OK.)
  • Did screen brightness seem like a problem? I was looking thru Verge's review and that seemed like the one complaint that might bug me, they found the LG/Samsung not bright enough in sunlight and too bright in dim lighting.
  • LG Is horrible outdoors.
  • I keep waffling on whether I want the black or silver, the former seems less blingy and almost looks smaller (I think even Phil said that). I like the brown band better but that should be swappable... Has there been any word on retail availability of ANY Wear device? I'm scared that OEM will only sell them at the Play store cause they're miffed they can't customize the software.
  • Looks awesome!