Vector 17: Brian Klug on desktop-class mobile chipsets

Fair warning, Brian Klug of AnandTech spends a good deal of time talking about the insane amount of power in Apple's new A7 Cyclone CPU, and about the new iPads it powers. If you can survive that, however, we dive into the Nexus 7 2013, the Nexus 5, Android 4.4 KitKat, and even the Surface 2. It's a full on tablet geekout on Vector!

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  • No, thanks. A7 is nice enough, but way overhyped and overpriced (well the devices) just like nearly all of Apple's products.
  • the A7 chip, and its devices, are ranked #15 on 3DMarks rankings. Its literally slower than the Tegra 4 in the Xiaomi MI-3 Source:
  • The GPU seems to be abit worse than the Adreno 330 and The Tegra 4, but the CPU is impressive : A dualcore 1.3 Ghz CPu that's equal or better than a 2.3 Ghz quadcore CPu? Consider me impressed.
  • Everything portable is made to run on arm route chipsets for a reason, battery consumption & it does a great hoof
    Job doing it. im sure if anyone wanteda computer powered device it wouldn't be ona touch screen tha that's 4 inches, but what about the surface2 they might say... well the surface2 is a tablet ultra computer not justa tablet like apple states. apple will have to createa whole new tablet computer& commercialize it as a computer loo like the Microsoft surface did. Why would you needa CPU hogging power that's made to multitask when iOS can't multitask for sh*t?
  • Subjectively, I can see people not liking or being impressed with Cyclone - maybe because they don't like Apple, dunno. Objectively, it's impossible not to be impressed with that engineering. Getting to 64-bit is one thing. Getting a chip in a phone that can also power a 9.7 inch tablet - well - is another. Listen to Klug talk about it for 20 minutes, you'll be wanting similarly advanced chips from everyone, in everything.
  • "It was technologically impossible to cram a retina display in an iPad mini last year". Keep believing that reality distortion from Apple Rene, it's what helps them drive their unjustifiably high prices that they gouge consumers on. You're part of the problem.
  • You are thinking too hard about it. If you listen he is not saying it was impossible but there were factors that apple was not willing to compromise on. Like thickness, battery hours, and cost of scale. Apple is selling about 17 million ipads per quarter, the nexus 7 sells about 7 million the whole year. Not the same scale. Apple have to take into consideration the cost of those things that other oems don't have to deal with. That's what he was talking about not that they could not do it, just it was not feasible to do it then.
  • The iPad mini retina is thicker and heavier than the old iPad mini, so where's the non compromise? They could have done this last year as well, but chose not to because they want to squeeze as much money out of suckers with their high margins as they can. All the idiots that bought the original iPad mini will now run out and buy the new iPad mini retina.
  • Just like the idiots that bought the old nexus 7 ran out and bought the new one. What is your point. A least the old iPad mini didn't lag and freeze shithead!!!!! Posted via Android Central App
  • Calm down there little buddy.
  • Why do people call people idiots for something they purchased? Posted via Android Central App
  • Wow, completely uncalled for. You can't possibly expect anyone to agree with you, when you type like that. I will admit, though: as I noted in my reply to mzannette, that last line was uncalled for. No one should be "bashed," simply for their taste in OS or technology.
  • Uncalled for? Posted via Android Central App
  • Is it appropriate to call someone a shithead? When I first joined this site, I flew off the handle, at anyone that didn't agree with me. I was a rabid Android fanboy, and you couldn't tell me otherwise. One of the mods (can't remember his name) put me in check quick. Ever since that day, I've tried to have a level head, especially when dealing with people that you can't see and voices that you can't hear. Sorry, for the life story: Just tryin' to get my point across.
  • Yes, when someone calls people idiots for what they purchase. I say that said person is a judgmental shithead. Posted via Android Central App
  • Can't Argue with you on that one... :)
  • My Nexus 7 doesn't lag or freeze, old man. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'll even admit, that last line is uncalled for. My friend's parents bought him the original iPad Mini, as a present, because the form factor suited him. Neither he nor his parents could have predicted that a retina display would be a feature in the iPad Mini's current iteration. But, it works great for him. And he doesn't care for the retina display. Just sayin'.
  • It was absolutely technologically impossible to power a 2048x1536 pixel screen in a device as thin as the iPad mini (even the new one), and get 10 hours of battery life out of it, until round about now. (It's only shipping later in November, so they didn't even get it done in time for the event.) It took an A7 processor and some pretty amazing engineering. Again, you can subjectively not like Apple or iPads, but engineering is engineering.  And, frankly, it's good for everyone that Google and the Nexus, Apple and the iPad, Samsung and the Galaxies, etc. are all firing on all cylindars this year.
  • I have never heard anybody absolutely worship Apple as much as I have on the Vector podcast. It truly is sickening. But if you are an iSheep zombie, have at it. These people live, breath, and drink Apple everything to the point that I don't think it's healthy. lol
  • First time I'm listening to this podcast. My initial impression is the same, complete Apple worship.
  • Here here,
    here here.
  • Apple is allowed to have fans too. Brian is a brilliant hardware guy, and is one of the only people I lend an ear to when he talks Apple.
  • "Apple is allowed to have fans, too." Sometimes, we at Android Central (and other Android sites) seem to forget this.
  • I think you need to read some of what Mr Klug has written before. He is all about the silicon (SoC), and even more so the radio (RF) technology. Many of these things go over my head , but i still find what he says very interesting and informative (you may also need an acronym translation tool).
  • Brian Klug and Anandtech are the best technology sources (at the chipset and analytical level. They are fascinated by the technology and have a passion for it and are able to write coherently to have others understand what they are doing. To call them iSheep is totally wrong - when Android (like say the Moto X) or Windows Phone (camera in Lumia 1020) does something unique and interesting they are all over it. You're just another troll looking to flame anybody or everybody who doesn't agree with your own biased version of the world.
  • This exactly. Brian loves technology. (I think we all do!) Doesn't matter who makes it. When we have him back to talk about the new Nexus devices, you'll hear the same about them in whatever and whichever areas they excel in.  
  • Idiot's complaining about how someone talks about something they dislike. THEN DON'T LISTEN TO IT AND FORWARD ALONG YOU DOUCHE.
  • Can't know to forward past something if you don't listen to it to know what they're saying. Douche.
  • C'mon, really? Everyone is allowed an opinion, even if you disagree with it.
  • Here we go!
  • I think the time stamp for Android devices should be mentioned in this post. I'm on minute 30 and sick of endless iPad talk.... gonna fast forward
  • minute 50 they start to mention Nexus
  • Never mind.... skip to 1.22
  • Apple no longer is innovative just gimmicky! They give you stuff you don't need! DROID DATA
  • Every Android phone outside of SE's and Nexus do the same thing.
    What Apps and Features YOU don't like means Jack Sh!t to me.. and vice versa.. No One is making a "Custom Device" for anyone.
    There are many that feel the Nexus line is OVER stripped..
    And getting the 1st updates to the Android Platform make those Nexus Purchasers nothing more than *Beta Testers*.. to deal with the frustration of say "KitKat" then the rest of the industry updates their devices once the kinks are out.. One must learn to look at "Both" sides of a coin.. Electronic Devices are not a dictatorship..
  • I'd rather be a beta tester and have cutting edge software than have to wait for updates that may never come. Not to mention, the Nexus devices offer the most bang-for-your-buck. In my opinion, Nexus devices have the right amount of software. It's bare bones for a reason: updates flow quicker, when you have less system apps and no bloatware to worry about. Posted via Android Central App
  • Love these podcasts! Posted from my "CrackDroid" Nexus 4 via the Android Central App