Cyanogen OS accessibility

Smartphones are remarkable tools for communication of all forms, and in an age where more and more people are starting to use these devices as their first and primary computer it has never been more important that Accessibility tools exist. These are software functions that make your digital life a little easier, and more often than you'd think end up being the purchase tiebreaker for folks who need these features.

Here's a quick look at the Accessibility options in Cyanogen OS, should you ever need to find and use them.

Accessibility options in Cyanogen OS can be found in the Settings menu, as the second option in the System part of the list. Like most Android devices, phones running Cyanogen OS present these features as a list with On/Off indicators and toggle switches next to the options in the list. It's a simple, system, you just turn on what you want and the feature immediately starts working.

Accessibility Cyanogen OS

Compared to some of the other Android flavors out there today, devices running Cyanogen OS are a little on the slim side when it comes to quantity of accessibility options. Among others,you have access to the basics, which includes TalkBack, Speak your Password, and color correction options, and if you're in a position that requires accessibility option to be routinely activated and deactivated there's a shortcut that can be assigned to the power button. It's not a terribly long list, but these features work well when you need them and are always improving. Enjoy!