No Picasa for iPad

Take a lot of photos? Do you use Picasa to sort and store them? If so, here’s another reason to look towards Mountain View when buying a tablet. Our SPE sister site The iPhone Blog reports the latest from Apple CEO (and part time CSR) Steve Jobs.

…Are there any plans to support Picasa’s faces and albums in iTunes, so I can take full advantage of the [iPad] Photos application, since Photoshop Album is long discontinued. If not, please can you look into supporting the Picasa library format?

And the response from Steve Jobs:

No, but iPhoto on the Mac has much better Faces and Places features.

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Granted, it’s his baby and he can decide who and what to support, but the list of iDont’s seems to get bigger each time we hear from Mr. Jobs about this thing. If you’re not using a Mac with Faces and Places, don’t fret. Android has you covered.

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