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Whether you are looking to grab another device for yourself but don't want to spend a fortune, or you want to get out of the grasp of your current cellular provider, US Cellular has again made an enticing offer to lure you in. For a limited time US Cellular will be offering a $100 activation credit on your account, in addition to waiving any activation fees, all for only signing up for a new US Cellular plan. Unlike many other providers, this offer is good whether you decide to go with the free HTC Wildfire S, or the HTC Merge, or any of their other Android devices they have available. This offer is unfortunately available via web only, but to make up for this they have offered free shipping on any purchase you make. Additionally if you happen to leave your current carrier in favor of US Celluar and chose one of their value packed plans you can be eligible for an additional $150 credit for trading in a qualified smartphone.

This deal may not be for everyone, but if you are looking for a way out of the phone and contract you have now, you may want to give US Cellular some thought, and check out this new promotion before it is to late.