User number for smartphone OS's

Sure, activating 200,000 phones per day is great, but what really matters at the end of the day is how many of your devices are in the hands of consumers. Well, new numbers have come out from ComScore and they are impressive to say the least. For the three-month period between April and July (that's May, June, and July folks), Android saw its active user marketshare in the U.S. rise from 12 percent to 17 percent. The total number of active smartphones in the U.S. came in just under 54 million, so this translates to about 9.2 million Americans on Android phones at the end of July. 

Now, there are a couple important points to note here. First, the major Android devices launched during this time were the Droid Incredible (end of April) and the Evo 4G (beginning of June). Finally, nearly all the OS's saw increases of sales year-over-year, but Android is growing at a much faster rate than the competition. Still, Android had huge gains on the back of HTC during the period and everyone over at Google should be more than pleased. Something tells me the numbers for this current quarter will blow that 17 percent out of the water. [ComScore]