Upgrade your headset with the Turtle Beach Elite Pro on sale for $112

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro tournament gaming headset is down to $111.97 on Amazon. This is a brand new low price for the headset, which has been selling for around $200 since May and only started dropping to around $180 in early September. These headphones have been around for a while now, but they've never gone lower than $120 on Amazon. Until today.

The headset has a ComforTec Fit system designed to give you as much control over the adjustments as possible so it's perfectly comfortable for you. The ear cushions also have passive noise isolation, and the mic is a pro-grade mic with TruSpeak tech.

Turtle Beach headphones are designed with console gamers in mind. The Elite Pro headset is no exception. It's compatible with the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and can even be used for mobile gaming.

One of the needs of the console gamer is comfort. If you're going to be sitting on your couch playing a game for hours on end, you need a headset you won't hate to wear for that long. That's why the Turtle Beach has the ComforTec Fit system. Make sure this headset is personalized to the level of comfort you require with the ability to adjust every part of it. The AeroFit ear cushions are cooling on your head, and the ProSpecs Glasses Relief System helps alleviate pressure for gamers who wear glasses.

The cushions also produce better sound and include passive noise isolation so you can focus. They have a frequency response of 12 Hz to 22 kHz with 50mm sized speakers. The speakers not only generate immersive sound from the game you're playing but also crystal clear communication. Use the pro gaming mic with TruSpeak technology to talk to your team.

You know what goes real good with a headset for video games? A video game! Get Borderlands 3 on the PlayStation 4 while it's on sale for as low as $34. That's a pretty awesome game, and I bet it sounds good blasting out of those 50mm speakers.

John Levite
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