Update for Google Play Movies app includes new UI and TV shows

Google has been busy showing us what's new in the world of Android at Google I/O. These include big updates to the Google Play Store. A main complaint I've had for a while is that I can only rent movies through the store. Well, they fixed that today by adding the option to rent or buy as well as add TV shows. It's a welcomed update that is now available for the Google Play Movies app. It appears as though TV shows aren't quite available for purchase or rent yet, but I'm sure that will change very soon. To get the latest update in the Google Play Store, please follow the links after the break.

Sean Brunett
  • My main complain about Google play movies is that if you are on a rooted device you can't play your rented movies and that sucks.
  • try voodoo ota rootkeeper. you can temporarily disable root and you should be able to then play your rented movies.
  • Looks like in this update you should be allowed to. I'm rooted on my One X and I can rent movies just fine now.
  • SuperSU app lets you temp unroot too.