Update coming for the Evo 4G, will fix gmail sync, calendar edits (maybe more)

Sprint just posted that an update is coming to the Evo 4G. It says that Version 3.29.651.5 shall contain fixes for calendar event edit issues and syncing of multiple gmail accounts, both of which have been subject of complaints for some time now.

But wait. There's more. Maybe. Word of the update actually started late last night at SDX Developers, and jerdog says that in addition to the gmail and calendar fixes, the infamous 30-frames-per-second graphics cap is lifted, and the GPS reboot will be addressed. We're hoping to get official word on those last two, but we'll gladly take the gmail and calendar fixes, too. [Sprint via Android Central Forums]

Phil Nickinson
  • Hopefully it fixes the lag when 4G is turned on as well. We just got 4G service here in Orlando and the phone is so slow when it is turned on. I just went back to 3G because it was more stable and reliable.
  • Dude go to settings> system updates> update profile. Make sure it updates. Works much better. They def need to address this! I'm in Orlando too!
  • Amen brother, the phone becomes almost unusable with 4G turned on.
  • Hopefully it doesn't mess with root.
  • I was wondering the same thing, this won't mess up rooting will it?
  • Fingers crossed for fps cap lift
  • +1
  • Damn, I just rooted days ago. This is why I never rooted before, but Baked Snack is running so lovely...Damn!!!
  • haha, I'm in the EXACT same situation as you. I guess now we'll get to learn how rooting affects these OTA updates. But Baked Snack + Smooth Sense is fantastic for now.
  • unrEVOked forever.
  • So if they remove the fps limit what will that do? Sorry about the dumb question.
  • Smoother scrolling, video, etc.
  • Me want.
  • Great...now if they can only stop it from downsizing MMS photos to thumbnails I'd be a ridiculously happy camper.
  • What about the sound quality of Pandora and Slacker
  • That would require an update to Android.
  • +50
  • It will be included. Google fixed that bug in Froyo a few weeks ago and pushed it to the Nexus One. I've been using an earlier build of this OTA that was leaked a few weeks ago and it fixes the issue. Mspot was also affected by that bug, but now I can listen to it all the time. Before it was unbearable.
  • These updates will be folded into new ROMs very soon, will wait until then. I'm running the latest VaelPak and I'm never going back to stock.
  • Just curious on why the rev# would go down, doesn't it usually go up? Current version is 3.29.651.6, why would it go to 3.29.651.5?
  • Close but no cigar. 3.26.651.6 to 3.29.651.5
  • Ha! I even double-checked and still messed up, lol. Thanks
  • Don't feel too bad, I thought that exact same thing. It wasn't until I triple checked it that I figured it out lol
  • I wonder if its better then the kernal fix that doubles the refresh of the screen. I hope it gives the boost the phone needs for good games. Well time will tell, slowly. Checking for update lol. Maybe the camera might have a slight fix. Lets get this thing rolling.
  • I value root more than I do updates. I can wait for baked snacks to be updated to include the changes. However the proposed updates do sound great.
  • The multiple Gmail account bug seemed to be fixed once I updated the Gmail client yesterday when I updated it from the Market when Google released the new version of the mail client.
  • uncapped FPS would be sweet,
  • any word on an eta?
  • The calendar had been fixed on the 3.28 version that leaked a month ago... I guess the theory that someone at Sprint or HTC purposely leaked it so ROM devs would test it for them wasn't that far off. If you are rooted you will most definitely NOT wanna install the official OTA as it WILL take root away. In fact, most custom ROMs are set not to check for officia OTA patches. Rest assured your ROM's creator will release an update sooner rather than later. It usually takes them a day or two at most.
  • Try what I put in the post above. Let me know!
  • Kind of a tease that Sprint's site lists it as being released today, but no update...yet... Reeeeeally hoping for the FPS cap removal.
  • What about the battery life and internal phone storage. I have only 11% of phone storage (not SD card) and less apps than I have on my Palm Pre. It would not even let me download any more apps. I still have about 24.12GB on my SD card but some apps cannot be moved to the SD card. Especially those that where pre-installed into the phone and most of them are very huge. My battery life is a mess......
  • Is it the FPS cap that is also causing choppy playback of 720p video? When I upload to YouTube playback is fine via YouTube but when I playback on the device or output from device to TV via HDMI, it is super choppy. Hope FPS cap is related and that rumor of lifting that cap is true.
  • From what I read from the unrEVOked website, if you rooted with 3.21, or forever, ota's WILL NOT remove root.
  • If you used unrevoked this is what they tweeted yesterday.... If 3.29.651.5 be the final version of the #evo4g OTA, then it is safe to flash -- unrevoked and unrevoked forever still work. about 19 hours ago via web * Reply
    * Retweet
  • Any word on this fix coming to the incredible?
  • I only rooted to install WirelessTether... i've installed it and granted it superuser privileges.. if root breaks, will that affect the program? or are the superuser settings saved?
  • New tweet from unrevoked... Confirmed: This OTA will undo your root, but unrEVOked 3.21 will be able to restore it.
  • ^ so we just unroot then reroot with unrevoked?
  • Dont have to unroot, just do the OTA then run unrevoked 3.21 you should have root again. Here is a video showing the FPS cap removed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGlEQdmjcUY
  • Anyone have it yet?
  • Downloading it now. Atlanta, GA.
  • Just downloaded the update and installing now. I'M SOOO EXCITED!!!!
  • fails on rooted evo :(
  • After installing the update, I cannot modify an existing calendar entry. I can delete and add, but cannot edit an entry.
  • +1 have function with menus?
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