Uncarrier 6: T-Mobile frees music from your data limits

T-Mobile is announcing music freedom as part of its Uncarrier 6 announcement today. With 67 percent of music streamers listening to music on their mobile devices, T-Mobile's un-CEO John Legere says that he doesn't want users to limit their streaming due to fears of overages. As such, streaming from all the major music streaming services won't count against your data limit as part of Uncarrier 6.

So, if you stream from the following services, data consumed from the following services won't count against your data plan, no matter how much you stream:

  • Pandora
  • iHeartRadio
  • iTunes Radio
  • Rhapsody
  • Spotify
  • Slacker
  • Milk
  • Beatport

Additionally, even when you exhaust your high speed data bucket, your music will still stream at high speeds!

Customers can tell T-Mobile which services they want. The carrier will crowdsource customer opinions and add more services in the future.

Chuong H Nguyen
  • Darn it ! Google play music isn't on there! Posted by a tuba playing,nexus 5 and 7 carrying future hacker.
  • It is leading the votes :)
  • Where exactly do we vote?
  • scroll down till you reach the leaderboard http://www.t-mobile.com/offer/free-music-streaming.html
  • Thanks for the link. I too was discouraged by the fact that they didn't include Google Play Music in the list...
  • Nice, yeah I am hoping this one comes along. Although it seems as though the built-in queuing and cacheing of music nearly ever causes my data rate to come close to the plan.
  • No Google Play Music? Well shit.
  • ^This^ Posted via my sixth Sense HTC M8
  • No Google play music. That's disappointing.
  • Google Play Music has to be included. I don't think they would leave that out. This message has been brought to you by the Galaxy S5
  • It will be its number 1 on a voting on the tmobile website!!!!!!!!!
  • No Google Play Music? Or did I miss that?
    (edit) I just saw that we can vote to add others. They're really being good about this. I've honestly avoided using Pandora when away from Wifi. I didn't want to get used to the convenience and feel the need to up my data plan. I guess I don't have to worry now :).
  • I just read that t mobile will be conducting a poll on Twitter for other music services to be included. Posted via Galaxy Tab 3 on Sprint
  • Pls post links! Posted by a tuba playing,nexus 5 and 7 carrying future hacker.
  • https://www.facebook.com/TMobile?sk=app_893846920630873
  • http://www.t-mobile.com/offer/free-music-streaming.html?icid=WMM_TM_NTWR.... At the bottom of the page you can vote for other music services.
  • Doesn't affect me. I have unlimited data anyway
  • I give this a couple of month's before the network is overwhelmed and undoubtedly will have to make changes. Posted via my Nexus 7 2013 :)
  • They're already handling the data and plan to expand. I have a feeling that they're prepared for the load that will come from people streaming with impunity. Posted via Android Central App
  • In that case you get to have the ap "UnRadio" for free. Which is awesome because you get access to 20 million songs for free, no adds, unlimited skips and repeats.
  • so does every single person who uses tmobile smart one
  • Go vote for Google All Access Music guys! They have a huge lead early it seems https://www.facebook.com/TMobile?sk=app_893846920630873
  • I voted for it even though I'm not on T-Mobile. Android: It will make you a sexual tyrannosaurus, just like me.
  • THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME Posted via Android Central App
  • Google Play Music, TuneIn, Songza.
  • Too bad T-Mobile sucks where I am..I would go to them in a heartbeat!
  • Don't hate on me but isn't this what we are fighting against for network neutrality? Just because this is a benefit to us doesn't this harm the overall scope of bet neutrality?
  • Not really because no additional money would change hands. That said, it could hinder some startups but I doubt it. You certainly bring up an interesting question though.
    Posted via Android Central App
  • Yup. "Net Neutrality" isn't nearly as simple and straightforwardly a Good Thing as the current internet mobs would have you believe.
  • Well, its a compromise, and good compromises leave nobody happy. Posted via my sixth Sense HTC M8
  • That's exactly what the corporate apologists would want you to think.
  • How? T-mobile is not linked to or with the 6 or 7 services. They simply whitelisted the way the apps access the network and are open to adding more services also. Also John did say "You think someone is gonna complain? The Service is free."
  • You may be onto something here. If they were just being nice, why are they having people vote on what sites to add next? Why not just put those other 10 or whatever on the list? It can't really be that difficult to ID the servers involved. However, if you're looking to get those sites to pay up, having that voting data makes sense: "Look, 30K of your subscribers want us to make your bandwidth free. That's 30K people that might switch if you don't pay us that $5 grand a month."
  • So is this active now? Posted via Android Central App
  • To anyone complaining about google music it is leading the votes on the t-mobile website so it should be added soon :)
  • Amazing! All we need now is Google Play Music support and I may consider moving.
  • So much for network neutrality... Posted via Android Central App
  • It has nothing to do with it.
  • This is the first thing that they have announced that I can actually get behind. I have great unlimited data, but hopefully this spreads to ATT and VZW
  • Wow. The anti-T-Mobile troll has spoken. Listen up everybody.
  • Amen to that good buddy! Posted by a tuba playing,nexus 5 and 7 carrying future hacker.
  • Does this count for prepaid plans or just post paid? I'm on the $30 plan and this would be great if it was prepaid. Posted via Android Central App
  • Great question.
    Although, I also have Sprint unlimited soon to be the fasted data network in America.
  • Just checked through their support chat and unfortunately you would have to switch to one of the qualifying post paid plans as referenced in the announcement. For the extra $20 a month. I'd get unlimited voice and the new streaming music but with that I'd lose 4 gb of data? I think I'll pass. Cool idea though.
  • Does any one kno how we can go about voting play music onto tha list? Posted via Android Central App
  • Is this live now? Posted via Android Central App
  • What if im on 1 GB of LTE plan? Will it be LTE streaming and will it go slow after the 1GB?
  • It says it won't affect your data usage. So you'll have 1GB LTE cap + extra unlimited music streaming on supported apps. It all there on the article. even if you are capped and throttled, you can still enjoy non-throttled speed of music streaming. Posted via Android Central App
  • Thanks man.
  • Surprised that Google and Rdio wouldn't be listed from the start. Posted via Android Central App
  • Don't get excited so soon, let's see how long this will last!!!
  • Well I really hope that Verizon feels the threat and gives me that luxury! I don't think that t mobile is coming to Montana any time soon. Posted via Android Central App
  • Not all data is equal. Posted via Android Central App (Moto X)
  • No Google Music but yet they have Samsung Milk? MILK? Are you f'in kidding me? Even the name sucks! (yeah, yeah, I'll go vote.....jeez.)
  • Where is Amazon Music and Live365? Posted via Android Central App
  • I don't understand. I thought they didn't have overages? What "limit" are they talking about that music will bypass?
  • They throttle your speed once you hit the amount of high speed data in your plan. So if you're on the cheapest Simple Choice plan which includes 1 GB of high speed data, you won't be charge for exceeding that, your speed will just be reduced. With this announcement, they are saying that even if you've exceeded your high speed allotment, streaming music will still be at high speed, but all other data will be throttled.
  • When is this effective?
  • They're talking about data limit. You're correct, there are no overages, the data just slows down after you have reached one of the three limits they offer. All plans come with a minimum of 1G.
  • Well just more reasons to get T-Mobile. Damn!
    This just turned my need for 4gb of needing data to about 1gb.
    All we need is youtube in addition to google music
  • T-Mobile just rocks. This guy is doing everything he can think of to make everyone happy and to gain new customers. My bill is the cheapest its been ever. Funny thing is hes making the other companies sweat, even Verizon.
  • Great. Network congestion for those of us who already pay for unlimited high-speed data. Posted via Android Central App
  • Boo hoo.
  • This is proof that the Net Neutrality hoopla is fake anger for many. T Mobile is thought to be a likeable company now, so it's fine. Go back to the initial article where AT&T introduced the idea of Sponsored Data and everybody was upset. AC wrote an article basically outlining how it was a slippery slope. This is the same thing and multiple apps were handpicked. Less incentive for you to use lesser known apps. Even if deals with those apps weren't directly brokered, its still the same outcome. Vote all you want. They'll make the decision on who they want to allow and when. Be mad and Comcast, AT&T and T-Mobile. Being one-sided just shows you don't care about the real issue. Only how it serves your agenda today.
  • That's not a good comparison. The ATT sponsored data was a plan to allow companies (advertisers) to have priority access to the network, presumably at the expense of other, legitimate data. This plan appears to be the complete opposite of that. Since these are apps that people use all the time, TMo is basically saying that their data doesn't count toward the data limits on the plan. True, it does mean that "not all data is the same" but this works in the consumer's favor, whereas the ATT plan would have screwed the end users over.
  • No. You are wrong. Google Sponsored Data. Its AT&T not letting data from certain apps effect your allotment. The only difference is AT&T was explicit that they are being compensated. TMobile is saying they aren't, but it's still the same result. Less incentive for people,to use lesser known apps over more popular apps. Data being treated differently and/or made more affordable because of where it is originating from or going to. What's funny is I believe (could have misread) TMobile said that even if you pass your allotment, these apps will run at high speed. That's means that at a certain point, any app but these apps may possibly be unusable. Lol. Verge has an article on this by the way.
  • Nobody has asked this yet. How does T-MOBILE know what app is using data?
  • They have basically white-listed all the approved apps/url's for unlimited data consumption.
  • Well I have unlimited data with AT&T. But if I were to swith to T-Mobile, Spotify is what I rock. Works for me!!! posted via Note 3, LG G2, or Nexus 7
  • Music streaming counted towards the... Wait. Oh, I don't have a cap.
  • Tmobile is crushing it!
  • dispite the no play music this is pretty damn awesome. i already have the unlimited data tho but still big news
  • Somebody tell John that he works for Sprint now... there's no need to worry about using up all of your data anymore ;)
  • It's Google Play All Access. But is it also the regular Google Play Music?? (free)
  • Awesome. Posted via Android Central App
  • WTF!?!?!?!!? I came here expecting a full on railing against tmobile (something that even i was a little dismayed about considering all the altruistic work they've done lately) But my, how quickly u guys can be distracted by a shiny new free object. In all these comments there is like 2 that even mention net neutrality. Do you people really not understand where this slippery slope leads? Its not even that conspiratorial. let me spell it out. THIS WILL ABSOLUTELY LEAD TO A CORRUPTION OF OUR CURRENT OPEN INTERNET MODEL!! If you don't want ISP's to have the ubiquitous authority to speed up, slow down, charge more, or charge less for specific content, then you ABSOLUTELY can not grant them the power to do ANY of those things under ANY circumstance. Bandwidth is bandwidth. That is the argument of net neutrality. The ISP's should have absolutely no say how fast or expensive certain kinds of bandwidth should be. Can we all please not be stupid enough to give up on our convictions for a few free streaming tunes?
  • Quick everyone petition the white house to stop this madness! ALL data should be treated equally! Posted via Android Central App
  • oh no they are saving customers money someone stop them
  • ^The worst kind of fool