UMA technology for Android 2.2 coming from Kineto [video]

UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) for Android looks to be right around the corner (never mind what T-Mobile said), thanks to Kineto's Smart WiFi.  You folks using T-Mobile, Rogers, British Telecom and O2 know exactly what I'm talking about, but for those who don't -- UMA lets you use your existing WiFi access point as a standalone femtocell, providing voice and SMS capabilities independent of your carrier's network.  It's great for travelers and people who may not have a strong signal indoors, and something that many Android users have been missing.  Just like you can now connect to WiFi for a data connection, Smart WiFi connects and gives voice and texts.  It is as cool as it sounds.

It's not all wine and roses though.  Kineto is quick to point out that they haven't designed an application you can download from the Market, but are working with OEMs to build the software into the phone.  It's very much like Swype and Skype are now doing.  You're also going to need Froyo to run it, as we've all come to expect by now.  Lastly, there's no word on when exactly to expect this, but it sounds like Kineto has their end figured out and the rest is up to carriers and manufacturers.  Hit the break to read Kineto's press release, and see their demonstration video.  [Kineto Wireless]

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Kineto Smart Wi-Fi Application Available for Android 2.2

Kineto Delivers UMA Technology for Froyo, the Newest Version of Android Operating System

MILPITAS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Kineto Wireless, Inc., the key innovator and leading supplier of solutions that enable delivery of mobile services over broadband, today announced it has an updated version of its Smart Wi-Fi Application for Google’s Android operating system version 2.2, also called Froyo.

Kineto’s Smart Wi-Fi Application, based on the 3GPP UMA/GAN standard, turns existing Wi-Fi access points into seamless extensions of the mobile network. Using the Smart Wi-Fi application, subscribers can now resolve indoor mobile coverage problems by receiving their voice and data services over existing Wi-Fi access points.

“Smartphones have highlighted the coverage and capacity challenges of mobile networks, especially in indoor locations. Operators have started to look to Wi-Fi, already installed in many homes and offices, to address these issues,” said Mark Powell, vice president and general manager of Kineto’s Client Business Unit and co-founder of the company. “To capitalize on this growing demand, we have now enhanced our Smart Wi-Fi Application to support the latest version of Android and validated it with the leading Android smartphone manufacturers.”

Kineto’s Smart Wi-Fi Application is designed for mobile operators to address the network coverage and capacity issues created by the growing popularity of smartphones and subscriber demand for bandwidth intensive applications and services. The company works with device manufacturers and mobile operators to pre-load the application onto devices.

Wi-Fi continues to be the predominant wireless technology in the home. A study conducted by Arbitron earlier this year found that 62% of US broadband-connected households already had Wi-Fi installed. Market research firm In-Stat projects that by 2013, shipments of mobile phones with embedded Wi-Fi will exceed ¾ of a billion units. Kineto’s Smart Wi-Fi Application enables mobile operators to extract the maximum benefit from Wi-Fi for their networks and their subscribers.

For more information about Kineto’s Smart Wi-Fi Application, please visit our website For a short video of Smart Wi-Fi in action, visit Kineto’s YouTube channel at

About Kineto Wireless

Kineto Wireless is the key innovator and leading supplier of standards-based solutions that enable mobile operators to embrace the cost and performance advantages of fixed and mobile broadband access networks. The company provides software and services to major wireless infrastructure and handset vendors so they can deliver Smart Offload solutions based on Wi-Fi and femtocell technologies, as well as Voice over LTE. Kineto customers and partners include AudioCodes, Cisco, GENBAND, HTC, ip.access, Juniper Networks, LG Electronics, Motorola, NEC, Qualcomm, RIM, Samsung and Ubiquisys. For more information about Kineto, please visit

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  • And there was much rejoicing.
  • And also apparently 2.1 since he is showing it off on the Samsung Vibrant (can't hide the Avatar and Sims 3 apps).
  • Or he is using a testing version of Froyo from Samsung for it. It's clearly a Vibrant, they clearly say it only works on Froyo, but I didn't even want to open that can of worms lol
  • So will we be able to download this ourselves or will we have to rely on the carriers only with future devices? I imagine that us rooted users will be able to get hold of this soon enough.
  • From what I've seen doing some research online that it is going to be available via OTA sometime this fall. So I have a feeling that whatever phone it comes out for very shortly there after it will be on the forums being hacked to work on all android phone.
  • It boggles my mind why a company like Sprint isn't all over this. This would give them a way to capture more global travelers who stick with AT&T and VZ dual mode blackberries. It would also keep tons of users from complaining how they don't get service in their home, which probably accounts for at least 70% of all their service complaints. They could even use this tech to make calls over wimax. I also think the FCC and whoever the authoritative powers at hand are should force the network providers to implement this.
  • FANTASTIC news!!! It cant come soon enough. I almost left TMob when I moved a month back and couldnt get service in my new house. They sent me a BB to use (for the UMA) and UMA works PERFECTLY, but I am missing my Android so so so much!!! I dont see the huge downside to this for the carriers. Interestingly enough TMob and Motorola are basically investors in the company too.
  • The downside for carriers is that they're already selling products (those awful femotocells) to basically accomplish the same thing. They're indoor cellular coverage that pipes out through your existing internet connection to extend their network. If Android and the phone carriers can accomplish this without the actual femtocell being 'sold' or 'leased' through the carrier (See AT&T for their spectacular rip-off specials) then they won't really want this around. I can't see AT&T doing it. Sprint yes, however. Thankfully I gots me a shiny HTC Evo! ;-)
  • I am extremely interested in this! I had this on my Tmo curve. Awesome for traveling! On a Sprint Evo now.
  • Please, for the love of God, get this app out!!! UMA is the ONLY thing I miss from my recent move from Blackberry to Android (well the push notifications from Facebook as well). UMA is a must and I dont see how carriers aren't trying to eat this up to save their network bandwidth. I am on wifi all day!!
  • This should become standard tech. I had it trio years ago on my black berti. I am sure it will work fine in android devices, hell they do everything else! Only thing I could see vzn holding it for is greed, I can see rooted users getting this hacking it and getting free calling over uma. Which by all rights should be free you are paying a desperate internet bill and won't be nothing down cell towers. I can't wait is good, should be standard like gps pretty much is.
  • Can't even wait! Bring it, I need UMA so bad at home!!!
  • I might cry I'm so damn happy haha Hurry up and release an app pleeeeeeease!!!! :):):)
  • Finally! I heard rumors but made the leap from TMo's BB 8900 anyway. My Vibrant eagerly awaits UMA. Now I can sell my 8900. Never understood TMo's handling of UMA. I would be making sure EVERYONE knew what UMA was. Two commercials: Moon. Mancave.
  • I wouldn't rejoice too won't be free. For example, Sprint currently charges 4.99 per month for something that should be free. I have an airave because of poor cellar strength. as a new Sprint customer moving from ATT, I researched coverage before committing. Their coverage maps say "good", but I cannot make or receive calls. when I contacted customer service,they gave me 50 dollars off the airave, but still charge me monthly for the privilege of making calls using my bandwidth. they won't be able to help themselves...they'll charge for it. that is likely why they are not releasing a straight up app, but are rather packaging it with a phone...
  • I hate to admit that I think you are right...especially since it REALLY ticks me off that they will be charging me to use MY OWN SERVICE that I already pay for through another provider. I really hope you are wrong...because it isn't a win at all if they get away with charging extra to allow us the privilege of using our own wifi networks.
  • That's exactly why I left At&T I couldn't get a signal inside my apartment,so I went to Alltel/ Verizon. I hope this comes out before I go to Lithuania next summer,then I won't have to trade my Droid 2 in for the world edition
  • AT&T was absolutely horrible for me for reception in Chicago. I've had less dropped calls in 4 months on the EVO with Sprint than I'd have in any given DAY with AT&T. And those few dropped calls with Sprint have been me going into a tunnel, elevator or major underpass on the expressway, where you could forgive the interruption, as opposed to AT&Ts random dropped calls because of 'tower maintenance' - their support lines favorite excuse.
  • My experience was just the opposite. I almost always had great coverage with AT&T, at home and most anywhere I went. I switched to Verizon and their coverage at home is horrible. I do get a signal most places I go, but it's terribly weak leading to horrible battery life. Not quite what I expected from the supposed best network in the US.