UK T-Mobile G1 Users Getting RC 8 Update, Same as RC 29 & RC 30

Our friends across the pond in the United Kingdom have been telling us that instead of a RC 29 or RC 30 update, they're getting a RC 8 update sent to them. Confused? Yeah, we were too until we realized that the RC 8 update is akin to combining the RC29 and RC30 builds. So, the RC 8 update that UK users are getting is the same update that US users received in two separate forms. We don't quite understand why Google named it as such, a basic 1.0.1 or 1.0.2 would have worked just as well, but we'll let them slide.

Anybody in the UK feel the goodness of RC 8?

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Casey Chan
  • I've got it around 4 AM. Reboot issue seems to be gone, phone also seems to be running cooler. Battery still 35% after 9 hours of heavy use. And also when I connect G1 to the computer, it asks me if I want to mount SD card to be able to copy files.
  • If it's the same as rc30 then why don't we have auto rotate and screen keyboard?
  • The RC8 update is fully named TC5-RC8 compared to the US update titled TC4-RC29/30, I think rather than roll out the TC4-???? update they upgraded to combine the updates hence the TC5 in the UK. Hope that makes sense on the update front?! The update itself has resolved a few issues but according to another site on the 5th Feb the UK RC33 update will b OTA between the 5th and 15th Feb but won't include the cupcake features everyone's hoping for, I hope they are wrong for T-mobiles, Android's and HTC's sake cause there'll be a lot of peeved people, especially if the rumours about a pending G2 release are true