Twitter finally lets you schedule tweets

Dark mode on the Twitter app
Dark mode on the Twitter app (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Twitter now lets you schedule tweets on the web.
  • The service started testing out scheduling for a select group of users earlier this year.
  • Twitter's web-app has also been updated to include saving of drafted tweets and draft syncing to other instances of the web-app.

Twitter has officially announced and rolled out tweet scheduling for its web-app. Tweet scheduling is a feature that does exactly what it purports to do — it allows users to table their tweets to be sent at a specified time after being drafted and is effectively the bread and butter of many social media managers.

Before this announcement, users typically had to make use of third-party like Buffer, Tweetdeck, or Hootsuite to create scheduled tweets. Twitter making this feature native means it's more secure and accessible to native, less-savvy end-users. It's likely such tools will still remain necessary on mobile or for more complicated social media operations, however.

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Twitter will also let you save tweets as drafts if you aren't ready to commit yet. Like with scheduling, this is also limited to the web-apps -— there's no cross sync to mobile apps yet.

Both features should be available immediately.

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