Alexa Show Mode turns your Lenovo PC into an Echo Show display

Amazon Alexa Show Mode Lenovo Pc
Amazon Alexa Show Mode Lenovo Pc (Image credit: Lenovo)

What you need to know

  • Amazon Alexa's Show Mode will be available on select PCs from Lenovo.
  • PC users will have access to many of the features found on Echo Show devices.
  • Alexa Show Mode will roll out to select PCs starting in Q2 2021.

Amazon Alexa has become a staple of many homes over the past several years. In addition to Amazon's great lineup of Echo speakers, there's also a number of Echo Show displays that are, frankly, among the best smart displays on the market. Amazon has even included an Alexa Show Mode for its Fire tablets, which lets them act as their own Echo Show devices. Now for the first time, Amazon is bringing Show Mode to PCs, thanks to Lenovo's Yoga and IdeaPad 5 laptops, announced at CES 2021.

With Show Mode for PC, your Lenovo PC will have full access to Alexa's many features by basically turning it into an Echo Show-like display complete with reminders, weather, updates, and even smart home controls. The use of far-field technology will enable users to call for Alexa with just their voice, and works even while playing music.

The new Show Mode for PC experience is expected to start rolling out to select Lenovo PCs in Q2 2021. So far the eligible models include the Yoga Slim 9i, Yoga 9i, Yoga 7i, Yoga AIO 7, and the IdeaPad 5 Series. The U.S. and Canada will see the rollout first, followed by the U.K., Germany, Austria, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, India, Australia, and New Zealand at a later date.

There's no word yet on if Show Mode for PC will be available for other Windows PCs. At the moment, Alexa is available to Windows users through Cortana or via the Alexa Windows app.

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