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Android sounds

Don't like haptics? Want to turn off that blasted beeping every time you touch the screen? One man's feature is another's annoyance. But the good news is just about everything on Android is tweakable. You'll want to go into the main system sound settings settings. "Haptic feedback" is the vibration you get when tapping the screen. You can lessen it, or turn it off. Audible selection (in the case of the Galaxy S phones, at least) toggles the beeping you get any time you touch the screen. 

Point is, if it's bothering you, chances are you can turn it off in the settings. [Tip o' the hat to jfenton]

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Turn off those annoying system sounds


Anyone else with a Galaxy S having problems with their phone "forgetting" their system sound volume settings?

I like the quiet beep, but periodically my phone cranks it back up loud. I have no idea why.

I've set up a tasker widget to turn it back down with one tap, but this is the kind of basic usability bug that gives Android a bad rap with iPhone converts.

I thought that was just me, I also have the phone. I can't just turn off the keyboard tap clicks, I have to turn off the whole system sounds if i don't want them. I don't think I had this issue when I first got the phone and them some times my different volumes are low.

I'm still looking for a way to put a different sound for a text notification versus an email notification. I only see one option for all notification sounds on my Evo.

Which phone is this?
I can't find the Vibration Intensity for haptic feedback setting on the EVO. Can this be done on the EVO?

Haptic feedback was the first thing I changed on my phone. It felt like an electrical charge. I wanted to through the phone across the room. What sadistic developer thought that up?

Turn down the intensity.

Hepatic is great. You can type and tap and know for sure it registered or if you double tapped.

Throw != through.

Darn, you caught the miss throw (ha!). Anyway, the original comment had a good point about the haptic feedback. Even with the intensity turned down, it still feels like a charge not so much a gentle buzz like other devices with haptic feedback. I had to turn the lock screen off because I hated the haptic feedback.

On the Droid Inc, you don't need an app to silent the shutter sound. If you have the Inc, look in the camera settings before you spend money on another app.

I'm having the opposite problem...my phone does NOT make any sound even when I have audible touch tones, screen lock sounds or audbible selection settings turned on. When I have haptic feedback turned off, I still get vibration when dialing phone numbers and on the keyboard, not on the other keys. I'm contemplating whether this is really reason enough to complain to Sprint, it bugs me that my phone is not 100%, no matter how minor this issue seems.

No matter what I do I cannot turn off the haptic feedback on the D2 for the 4 permanent buttons on the bottom of the phone face. (Menu, Home, Back, Search) Annoying!

Same here with my Droid2. I have haptic feedback disabled yet I still get the haptic on the soft-keys and the lock-screen number pad. When I disable a feature, I would like that feature to be disabled everywhere.