Transformer Infinity and Prime Jelly Bean updates for the US and Canada expected 'in 72 hours'

Yesterday we heard that ASUS was rolling out the Jelly Bean update for the Transformer Prime in Sweden, and today we have confirmation from ASUS' Gary Key that users in the U.S. and Canada will be seeing Android 4.1 for their Prime and the Transformer Infinity in the next 72 hours.

The version number will be, which is Android 4.1. We have no further details other than what ASUS has already mentioned, namely that the update no longer officially supports Adobe Flash, and that on the Prime Wifi direct has been removed. 

Key has been a reliable liaison between ASUS and the Android community, and as an ASUS employee he doesn't have to rely on second-hand information. Get your tablets ready, because it certainly looks to be coming soon.

Source: XDA-Developers; Thanks everyone who sent this in!

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Excited isn't even the right word for it...
  • It is about time. Now I can finally see what all the hype is with JB that the ROM guys have been boasting about. I don't think I have ever used WiFi Direct, so it will not be missed.
  • Asus 2nd to only Google direct when it comes to patching there devices
  • Any love for the OG Eee Pad Transformer folks?
  • Could anyone guide me to the tf201 stock boot animation? I'm trying to get mine back to stock for the update and I apparently deleted my stock BA.
  • Please let this fix all the little issues with the Prime. I've started using it more again around the house instead of my laptop. It has typing issues with the keyboard sometimes that the cursor just jumps to a random spot. Probably more of a Chrome issue though. Plus things tend to force close more frequently than any of my other devices. I also have to turn wi-fi off and then back on sometimes as the signal indicator just disappears at the bottom of the screen.
  • About time for my infinity
  • My TF101 hopefully will be only weeks behind.
  • One can only hope! Any confirmation that the TF101 will get the update? I have not heard...nor really looked, but typically these thing tend to surface....
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  • Anyone else having the random reboot problem on jellybean? I know that was an issue for some people with icecream sandwich. The random reboot issue started for me about an hour after the update completed on Thursday. I'm am also experiencing some keyboard glitches since the update, not sure if they are related.
  • I am having random reboots on my Infinity tablet with Jellybean. I can be in the middle of something and suddenly no response to anything and a reboot starts.
    No particular keyboard issues unless the keyboard awake response not being sticky counts? @marybee99