Moto X

Ki11ak3nn in our Moto X forums writes,

I'm pretty sure this device will fly off the shelves when Moto Maker is offered to the other carriers. I'm just curious though about all the people who get a black or white Moto X before Moto Maker is available.

Do you think Motorola/The Carriers will give like a discount or trade-in program for people who bought a black or white X at launch and now want a custom X??

I can't wait to check out this phone and if I like it I'm probably going to get a black one because I don't think my GNex will make it until the exclusive with AT&T is over.

So I was wondering if you think Motorola would let me trade-in my black X for a custom one?? Maybe pay a small fee, like $50 or something, totally fine with me. I'm thinking it's not gonna happen though.

It's a nice idea. Actually, it's a great idea. That could help create a cheaper, "refurbished" market. But these are the U.S. carriers we're talking about, where nice ideas that could actually help us as paying customers tend to die. 

So, you've got two options: Patience — difficult, we completely understand — or hope you can get a good resale price on your black or white Moto X