We're really deep into the holiday season now. Halloween is behind us but Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's are still ahead of us. (Not to mention Black Friday!). Planning to decorate outside for any of the upcoming holidays? Setting up some Christmas lights? Control them from your phone with TP-Link's KP400 Kasa outdoor smart plug, which is on sale for $27.99 right now at Amazon. You can also find this deal being price matched at Best Buy. This is an all-new low price for the smart plug, beating out its previous low by $2.

Weather Resistant

TP-Link KP400 Kasa dual outlet outdoor smart plug

With two outlets you can control two outdoor devices either together or individually. And you can do it from anywhere using your phone or voice control through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Weather resistant with long Wi-Fi range.

$27.99 $40.00 $12 off

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

TP-Link's outdoor plug comes with two outlets so you can plug in two devices at once. Control them individually or together. Got lights on the bushes and lights on the tree? Have them turn on and off at the same time. Perhaps you already have some porch lights you want to control with your phone and want to control your new Christmas lights, too? Use this plug for both and set up different times! Any sort of outdoor appliance or system could be used with this dual outlet.

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The plug is IP64-rated. The 6 means it is dust tight and there is no way dust gets inside. It actually has to be vacuum tested to get this rating, so you know that won't be a problem. The 4 means it is resistant to splashing water, which includes rain or maybe a car driving through a puddle. Don't worry about water messing up your electronics.

Once everything is setup, you can download TP-Link's Kasa app to your smartphone. With the app you'll be able to set up schedules and routines and manually turn the devices on and off. You also don't need a hub to connect this plug to your smart home ecosystem. You can then use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to control the outlets with your voice.

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