TP-Link's new Kasa Smart Power Strip lets you control each outlet with your phone

Smart plugs are extremely useful pieces of tech that can actually change your daily habits. However, purchasing multiple plugs can be a costly task. Many of the smart plugs available even end up blocking the unused outlet above or beneath it which can be a huge hassle when you want to plug in multiple devices which sit near each other in your home. Luckily, TP-Link just introduced a product to alleviate these concerns: the Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip (opens in new tab).

This power strip features six smart outlets which can each be controlled independently just as you can control a smart plug, which makes it perfect to use with your home entertainment setup, home office, or kitchen appliances. With the free Kasa app (opens in new tab) for iOS and Android devices, you can turn on and off any of the outlets on the strip one by one and see whether you accidentally left them on while you're away from home. There are three built-in USB ports as well which max out at 4 amps.

Using the app, you can set icons and a name for each outlet to remind you of what's plugged into it. You can also set schedules for each outlet so it will turn on or off at a specific time each day.

TP-Link designed this power strip to function as a surge protector too. As such, it's ETL certified to shield your electronics from power surges. It also offers voice control if you have a device with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana, such as the Amazon Echo Dot (opens in new tab). Kasa claims HomeKit support is coming, though it hasn't given a release window for it at this time.

If the Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip has you interested, you can order yours now at B&H for $79.99 (opens in new tab). Though that seems like a pretty steep price for a power strip, just consider the price of a single smart plug (opens in new tab) by TP-Link which is generally $25 at least. Here you're getting the power of six plugs and also three USB ports at a much more affordable price.

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Alex Smith
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  • Uk release please 🙂
  • ....still $80 for a power strip?!
  • Don't forget the cost of long extension cords to run throughout the house :). I use their products but this is a bit much.
  • Exactly, because how many things does one have plugged into 1 power strip that cannot be controlled by moving several feet or using a regular remote control?
  • $80 is still way too much... Considering that $25 as they claimed got you a single plug, that would mean that the plug should come down in price significantly, or this thing should be maybe $35 at max... The tech inside is the exact same thing as what would be in the single plug... Just with a couple extra wires and components. Considering everything there would be controlled by a single micro-controller, its not like the components added were all that much cost wise... A relay here, a wire there, resistor around here... Not that huge of a cost to have added... I mean, we could make this thing ourselves using a flipping a single micro-controller running Arduino, a couple relays, some decent gauge wires, some resistors, and a cheapo wifi module... and boom, you've got yourself this product (mind you minus the surge protection, but i'm sure that could be done too. I'm just not that familiar with how the electronics work in that regard)... There's already code out there for an Arduino to be controlled via a Smart Things Hub, Wink Hub, and a few others... So if using bare bones components is costing the slightly above average joe maybe, MAAAAYBE $10-15 to build themselves (and also mind you, with that $10-15 dollars you'd be able to actually make yourself MORE than just ONE of these, considering most components can be bought cheaply in bulk), then it shouldn't cost TP-Link anywhere near $40-70 to warrant an $80 price tag as markup.... they are maybe, maaaaaybe $5-10 per unit to make IF THAT... So man they are going to be making an absolute KILLING off of these things if people gobble them all up....
  • I want to like smart plugs, and I suppose they work in some scenarios, but, for many things they don't. For example, we have a lamp near our front door that I'd like to be able to turn on by voice if someone rings the doorbell late at night (burglars like to do this to see if anyone is home). And for that, a smart plug works great. The tradeoff is that now I can't just walk over and turn on the lamp. Instead, I have to ask Google to do it. What we actually need are smart lamps, so you can control them either by voice or with a switch on the lamp. IMHO, smart plugs are a stopgap measure.
  • What is wrong with getting a power strip with switches on for each socket, why do eveything have to be flipping smart these days?
    Also, that is hell of a price just to switch a few things on and off with a phone.
  • This is brilliant!!!! I have 3 different lights and a small waterfall rock thingy in my curio cabinet, each using a separate TP Link plug and controlled for individual effects depending on the ambiance effect required.
    This consolidates everything...and frees up 4 plugs I can move elsewhere. Can't wait for it to come!!