A Tour of Motoblur on the Motorola Cliq

Here's a quick tour of the major features of the Motoblur interface and service on the Motorola Cliq. I got this tour at the Moto booth at CTIA and after fighting a recalcitrant SD card for several days, I'm happy to say I've saved the video and present it here for you slavering Cliq fans.

Overall I'm quite impressed with the Cliq - but as with the Sense UI on the HTC Hero, I worry that the proliferation of widgets, email clients, and the like will confuse new users. As a power user myself, I find them all to be a joy. Perhaps we're approaching the day where all smartphone users start to look like power users. What do you think - does Motoblur look like it would appeal to Aunt May?

Dieter Bohn
  • It says that the video is private.
  • Private video, can't view.
  • Uhhh... the video is private, so you have to sign in to YouTube to watch it... then it won't let you because again... it is "private".
  • Says private for me to.
  • Private for me too.
  • It is private even if you log in youtube...
  • I'm an idiot. Video is fixed. :(
  • wow this actually looks pretty koool i gotta admit before seeing this video i didnt give the moto cliq much respect but now i want 1 lol
  • phone is almost out of battery....yup its an android :)
  • The interface looks absolutely cluttered and lags too! This one's for the social messaging addicts..
  • It seems like it lags... I'm not sold on these customized interfaces. Motoblur doesn't look that fantastic to me. Work should be put into the Facebook application over customized access.