The Amazon Echo Dot alone is a pretty unassuming product, but it's all you really need to control many different smart home products using just your voice. We've rounded up the ten best smart home accessories to buy with your Amazon Echo Dot.

Totalmount Echo Dot Mount

Keep your speaker off the counter: TotalMount Echo Dot Wall Mount

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Mounting an Amazon Echo speaker in the kitchen is an excellent idea because it frees up valuable countertop space and also keeps your speaker from getting dirty. It also ensures that Alexa can always hear you and vice versa. This mount includes 3M adhesion strips to protect your wall paint or screw holes for a more permanent installation.

$17 at Amazon
Amazon Echo Wall Clock - Disney Mickey Mouse Edition

Elegant way to track timers: Amazon Echo Wall Clock - Disney Mickey Mouse Edition

This Alexa-powered smart clock from Amazon is a great addition to your kitchen or anywhere in your house where you're setting multiple timers. The LEDs around the clock face keep track of all your ongoing timers with Alexa, so you don't need to check in with updates — everything is visible at a glance. And this one has Mickey Mouse on it!

$40 at Amazon
OtterBox Den Series The Child Echo Dot Stand

This is the way: The Child Stand for Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

What could be a cooler gift for the Star Wars fan in your life than this adorable Echo Dot holder that looks like The Child, aka "Baby Yoda" gracing your nightstand? Not only will it protect and showcase your Echo Dot, but every time you look at it, you'll be reminded of your favorite Disney+ show, The Mandalorian.

$25 at Amazon
Ihome Iavs1 Echo Dot Speaker

Upgrade your alarm setup: iHome Docking Bedside Clock Speaker for Echo Dot (2nd Gen)

This handy bedside buddy lets you slot your Echo Dot (2nd Gen) into the top and turn it into an Echo Dot alarm clock. The device has a dedicated aux-in and micro-USB cable connection to power your device and plays audio, and it shows you the time as well. There is also a USB port to charge your phone.

$50 at Amazon
Amazon Smart Oven

Alexa, heat up my dinner: Amazon Smart Oven

This is another Alexa-powered product that might seem a bit silly — until you start using it. There are a growing number of preset commands for cooking different types of food, and you can press the Ask Alexa button, say the cooking time, and Alexa will handle the rest. You can scan food barcodes with the Alexa app, and the Smart Oven will cook them just right!

$250 at Amazon
Aukey Smart Plug 2 Pack

Two plugs are better than one: Aukey Smart Plug (2-pack)

Amazon offers its own smart plug that's guaranteed to work with Alexa — but so does Aukey's smart plugs, and it's offering two products for the price of one of Amazon's. This is one of those rare instances where Amazon is undersold by its competition, so take advantage. These are perfect for controlling lamps or other plug-in devices around your home!

$28 at Amazon
Sengled Smart LED Bulb Starter Kit

Alexa, turn off all the lights: Sengled Smart LED Bulb Start Kit

Smart bulbs are a natural fit with smart home assistants like Alexa, but they can be expensive when you're starting out. Sengled makes it really easy with a starter kit that includes the necessary hub along with two bulbs for a great price. From there, you can stock up with an 8-pack of bulbs.

$34 at Amazon
Ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control official render

Heat your home smarter: ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control

Now we're getting into the expensive accessories. A smart should pay for itself over time, though, since it's designed to make your home heating more efficient. It learns your habits and can turn the heat down when no one is home. Subsequently, it can turn it back up when you are home. You can also connect and control things with your voice, thanks to the built-in Alexa controls.

$238 at Amazon
Ring Alarm Second Gen Render

Alexa, secure my home!: Ring Alarm Home Security System

The Ring Alarm Home Security System lets you set up sensors around your home that'll send you smartphone alerts if the sensors are triggered while the alarm is set. For an added $10 a month, you can have everything professionally monitored 24/7, which is significantly cheaper than typical home security services. The coolest part is how Alexa integrates to let you arm or disarm your system, so you can literally make sure things are secure as you're headed out the door.

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Reco

Know who's at the door: Ring Video Doorbell 3

There are a couple of excellent reasons why you should spend a bit more to get the Ring Video Doorbell 3. It's got a great camera that delivers footage from your front door at 1080p, and there's a quick-release battery that makes it way easier to recharge those batteries. You can also wire things up if you've got low-voltage wiring at the front of your home, and you can swap out the front plate. Pair it with an Echo speaker and the Fire TV Stick to cast your front door to your TV. Monitor your home from your couch!

Build out the smart home of your dreams

It's pretty incredible how many cool smart home products work well with Alexa, but the most useful accessory on our list is not much more than custom-fitted plastic. There's something brilliant about the TotalMount wall mount for the Echo Dot. It lets you get your smart speaker up off the countertop and mounted near an outlet on a wall, which helps ensure Alexa always clearly hears you.

There are some really cool Amazon products for entertaining or even feeding yourself, like the Amazon Smart Oven that will automatically order popcorn when you're running low. This smart appliance features Alexa integration and is a breeze to set up and use.

Another great place to start is with a starter kit of smart bulbs. Sengled's two-bulb starter kit is a great place to start because Sengled's bulbs are top quality. Once you've got that hub, it's easy to add extra bulbs, and you can get an 8-pack of soft white smart bulbs for the price of less than $10 a bulb which is an absolute steal of a deal.

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