The Todoist team has returned with yet another substantial Android app update. In this latest release, pushing Todoist up to version 9, we're looking at a much more refined experience. Users of the platform will now be able to take full advantage of implemented support for external keyboards, like Bluetooth accessories or the Pixel C.

As well as that we have what the team calls "intelligent input," which is a natural parsing system. What this will allow users to do is parse projects and task assignees using natural language, such as "Write an article to cover the Todoist 9 update #AwesomeApps +RichEdmonds."

But that's not all, here are some other improvements the team has implemented in version 9 of Todoist:

  • Project sorting: sort your tasks in a certain project by name, date, priority or assignee with a single tap
  • Pinch to add tasks anywhere inside a project
  • Sub-tasks and sub-projects are now easier to handle by working directly with their parent task
  • Gorgeous empty screens now show productivity stats like completed tasks for the day
  • Sharable Todoist Zero screens will appear when users complete all tasks on their list
  • Updated notification sync: notifications read on other platforms/devices will now be dismissed automatically from your Android device
  • Faster sync: syncing is now up to four times faster so that users can spend less time waiting and enjoy an increased battery life
  • Attachments: Todoist now makes necessary photo rotations on Android and syncs the proper horizontal/vertical orientation across all platforms
  • Extended undo options for drag and drop, project sorting, and 'move to history'
  • Updated formatting options for tasks, projects and comments, including emoji shortcuts (:smile:, :scream:, :crying_cat_face:, etc.)

It's quite the update and one we're sure fans of the app will appreciate. You can download Todoist from the Play Store to try out these new features.