Todoist on Android Wear

Todoist, the popular task and project management application, has today announced support for Android Wear devices for the first time. Now, owners of Android Wear powered smartwatches can have total control over their Todoist task lists, reminders and notifications without the need to take their phone out of their pocket. Android Wear support joins Android, Chrome and Gmail in Todoists list of supported Google platforms.

So, what exactly can it do? Here's a breakdown of the main features:

  • All Todoist notifications– including location-aware, live, task, and file upload notifications– are fully optimized for Android Wear in terms of interface, workflow and actions. For example, if you have a reminder to "pick up dry cleaning" on your way home, your watch will vibrate when you get close to the laundromat. Or, if your wife assigned you a task to "call the landlord at 5pm," simply speak into your device to add a comment to the task, such as: "I spoke with him, rent is due Tuesday."
  • With Todoist for Android Wear, users can add any task or reminder to their to do list just by speaking to the wearable. Driving to work and think of a great idea for your next project? Just tell your watch: "OK Google, start Todoist. Add task," and it will be added directly to your task inbox.
  • Choose any Todoist view ('Today,' 'Next 7 Days,' a project, etc.) on any Android Wear supported device and send the complete task list to an Android Wear wearable. All tasks will show up in correct order. This is perfect, say, if you're going grocery shopping– when you arrive to the Supermarket, just send your shopping list directly to your Android Wear device and shop hands-free.

Todoist is already an incredibly powerful task management platform and with the added convenience of voice commands and your lists right there on your wrist, it's also one of the most convenient. The updated app will be pushing out through the Google Play Store today which you'll find at the link up top. For more on how Todoist will look on your wrist, check out the short video below.