Today is iPhone Day, or Rex Manning Day -- Choose your own adventure

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Here's the deal, folks. Unless you're living under a rock, you know that the next iPhone is being announced today. As such, we present you with two choice.

  • Here at Android Central, we're celebrating Rex Manning Day, which, according to all of you on Google+, is better than iPhone Day.
  • If you're looking for iPhone news, allow us to present our friends at -- the No. 1 iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (don't you dare capitalize it!) blog. They've got you covered.
  • If you're looking for the latest Nexus Prime news, in addition to that leaked picture, we suggest our Nexus Prime forums.
Phil Nickinson
  • Oh Rexy, you're so sexy!
  • Very nice.
  • Why any normal human being would ever give a toss about another Apple garbage phone escapes me entirely. Sheep to the slaughter eh? [eye
  • Grow up. Personally, I'm really happy with my current android as it is, but as a person that is generally interested in tech I am also curious to see what apple shows. Not only that, but if apple ever managed to build a phone that does interest me, that would be a good thing. Not a bad thing. -Suntan
  • Nice, Phil. I read those books when I was a kid. Do they still make them?
  • I don't live under a rock, but I seriously didn't know a new iPhone was being announced today.
  • According to the calendar that was on Joe's office wall, Rex Manning Day is May 6. At least that's what I was told.
  • PHIL!!! U DA'MAN!!! thank you for bring Rex to my attention. i needed something to focus on other then apple BS today! that video was hot on my samsung 4g touch!!
  • Watching the iPhone coverage because I'm mildly curious what they'll bring up during the presentation. EDIT: IT'S MAGICAL!
  • I choose to celebrate Rex Manning Day. Woot!
  • WOW! Yea I will be avoiding this Rex fellow all together. I guess now all there is to do is wait to see what Apple has to offer.
  • It isn't easy trying to avoid the iphone today because it's everywhere. I was just reading the comments and I get an email notification from Grazell asking me if I was trading my iPhone 4 to get the 5.
  • Be nice if you could do that. But all you could trade up to is an iPhone 4s. No LTE. Apple So screwed the pooch this time. Obsolete before its even released.
  • Haha lmao well all I can do is laugh at the iPhone Android haters because out of all the hype about the new iPhone its only an upgrade to the iPhone 4 but its 4S with an upgrade inside and the other news is that Sprint will be getting it. So haha guess people will be moving onto Android alot more now and the Nexus Prime will kill the iPhone 4S I guess until maybe next year when they might announce the iPhone 5 :p
  • Exactly. The rage and disappointment over at is seething. The forums are full of whining. And those are the die-hard fanboys. Wait till the mainstream press sharpens their knives. Ouch Some Tipb fans are even posting that they are looking forward to the Nexus Prime, and are ready to finally dump their iPhones and move on. Major Fail if you ask me.
  • But , But, It has SIRI and a notification app.
  • HA, after that announcement today, it is definitely Prime day.