Ting data pricing

Heavy data users benefit from lower flat rates and per-megabyte charges

Ting, an MVNO on the Sprint network, is celebrating two years in business as a carrier today by dropping its data, message and minute pricing across the board for all customers. The basic idea behind Ting since the beginning has been "pay for what you use" — rather than set structured plans — with your bill each month simply reflecting what you actually used in that 30-day period. Those prices are simply going down today.

As the chart above shows, folks using 101 to 500MB of data in a month will pay $1 less, 501MB to 1GB $5 less and 1GB to 2GB a whopping $13 less every month for that usage. Minute and message allotments have increased at the XL level as well, with $35 now giving you 2100 minutes in a month and $11 offering 4800 messages.

These plan changes are focused on making data more affordable at the higher levels, and a big part of that is killing off the XXL level completely, paired with a reduction in per-megabyte usage costs. Any amount of data over 2GB used in a month will simply be billed at 1.5 cents per MB — or $15 per GB — with no strings attached.

The new plans are instantly available for new customers and current customers alike, and you won't have to do anything to switch over to the new, lower rates. Hit the source link below to use Ting's usage calculator and see how much you'd save on the new plans.

Source: Ting; Ting Rates