Tinder's new Music Mode uses Spotify to help find your soulmate

Tinder Music Mode
Tinder Music Mode (Image credit: Tinder)

What you need to know

  • Tinder is launching a new Music Mode using Spotify integration.
  • The feature will automatically play someone's Anthem when a user visits their profile.
  • Music Mode will be available via the Explore tab.

Tinder is doubling down on its Spotify integration with a new "Music Mode" that it's rolling out to help users vibe with potential matches.

While Tinder already allows users to post an "Anthem" song on their profile thanks to integration with Spotify, viewers usually have to navigate down and tap the song for it to start playing. However, with Spotify's new Music Mode, the user's Anthem will automatically begin playing when someone views their profile.

It's a bit reminiscent of the MySpace days when users could set songs to automatically play whenever someone visits their page.

Tinder says that this could help users find matches based on musical interests since roughly "40% of all Gen Z members globally have already added Anthems to their profiles." According to Tinder, these users see a 10% increase in their matches.

"Now with Music Mode, our members can experience that feeling when you're at a party and you find out someone else loves the same songs you do," says Tinder's VP of Product Innovation, Kyle Miller, in a statement. "It's amazing how adding music as another element of discovery elevates the whole experience on Tinder. Songs are deeply personal, and Music Mode is a place to spark something new through music."

Music Mode will be available in the Explore tab, a collection of different spaces that group profiles based on various categories. Explore launched in September as a way for users to hone in on people that may share the same interests. The new Music Mode is just the latest space that will be added to Explore, and it will be available globally "in the coming weeks" in iOS and the best Android phones.

Any fans of The Midnight out there looking for love?

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