As we all know, yesterday the HTC Thunderbolt was finally released on Verizon, and from what we saw a ton of you went out and picked yours up already. If you are in the group of people that have already purchased you may have began to come across some issues with the device, some are common, and some may not be so common. Let's take a look at some of the common issues we have seen in the Android Central forums, and some solutions that have been found.

1.) Problem: Finding Blackberry equivalents in Android.
  • Solution: This article we posted, has a lot of good info for former BB users. I'm not saying it solves all your problems, but it's definitely a good read.

2.) Problem: Swype does not have an emoticon button nor does it automatically insert spaces in the messaging app.

  • Solution: With Swype keyboard open, long press and select input method. Select other keyboard, same steps and select Swype keyboard again. Had this same glitch on my EVO. Keyboard should work until next reboot.... Credit Imex99.

3.) Problem: No toggle switch for 4G. Worried this affects battery life.

  • Solution: It does not affect battery life if you are in a 3G area and cannot get a 4G signal. There will be an update that enables a toggle at a later time.

4.) Problem: Loss of network/WiFi connectivity when the battery cover is removed.

  • Solution: The antenna is integrated into the battery cover. Re-attach.

5.) Problem: Old version of Market app.
  • Solution: Go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> "All" Tab -> Scroll to 'Market' and open it, then hit 'clear data' and 'clear cache'. Then reboot and open the market and it should be the newer version. Credit biff6789

While this does certainly not cover every issue that every user is seeing, it certainly does assist with some of the simpler ones, as well as some that new Android users may have missed. If you are seeing other issues with your device, be sure to head into the forums and discuss them with our awesome members!

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