New tech meets old toy with the $10 View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

The View-Master Virtual Reality Pack just dropped to $9.99 on Amazon. Its average price lies around $19, and this is just a dollar above its lowest price ever which it saw in late 2016.

View-Masters used to be one of the coolest toys when I was a kid. You could buy slides featuring various scenes from movies and shows, slip them into the toy and view the scene in a larger format. Today's View-Master puts that thing to shame. Instead, you simply download one of the View-Master VR apps to your smartphone and slide your phone into the viewer. From there, you can enter a 360-degree immersive experience by putting on the goggles and looking around. Of course, it's kid-friendly - which is great considering many VR experiences tend to be scary, though you will want to make sure your child isn't walking around with these things over their eyes for hours too.

To use this device, your smartphone must have a screen size between five and six inches. It requires iOS 8 or above for use on iPhones. It comes with a Preview Reel which lets you demo all the available apps, though to use them properly, you'll need to buy additional "Experience Packs" which are available on Amazon from $4.

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Alex Smith
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